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    I imagine that most of you are old enough to have enjoyed this back in the day. You were either a Sega kid or a Nintendo kid at school and that played a role in playground politics. Which were you and why? Was it simply a case of being bought a particular console for your birthday or Christmas and growing into supporting one of the sides over the other, or picking a side?

    And you did support one of the sides if you were a '90s kid, no doubt about that! This was a time before console wars grew very stale like they quickly did in the '00s. On the other hand, the Nintendo vs. Sega war commenced in the '80s and lasted throughout the '90s. I guess it wasn't the nature of platforms that changed which took the fun out of console wars in the following decades, but rather the gamers.

    Competition between Nintendo and Sega was fierce. Both sides had so much going for them. They were both releasing hit titles one after the other every damn year. I was a Sega kid, yet, my dad did own Nintendo consoles and I played a lot of Nintendo games. When I look at Americans' findings I see a whole different story. You see, in Britain, I'd say that Sega was king. Nintendo had a bad start here. People favoured computer games (e.g. Spectrum) over the NES. When the Mega Drive hit the scene it was an instant success. It was certainly the cool kids' console whereas Nintendo's offerings were seen as dorkier. I still loved Nintendo games, but Sega had substance and style.

    It's not just Europe. It's amazing how much of a success the Master System was in South America. People still buy the Master System in Brazil and its sale numbers for the past few decades were always through the roof. I don't like to be that guy, but I believe that the reason why Nintendo was so successful in America was because people were kind of forced into it. Nintendo was vigorous. As opposed to how recently (up until the Switch) Nintendo has been seen as a company that doesn't need third parties, in the earlier days Nintendo gained traction in the US by buying studios left, right and centre.

    They arguably defeated their competition in North America by starving them. I know that Sega was popular in North America back then, but I think a lot of people's perception is that Nintendo was always ahead of Sega. One way that Sega excelled was at the arcades. In arcades and on home consoles we saw so many classic games from both sides and I miss those times. Clich├ęd it may be, but things just aren't the same. Were you a Nintendo kid or a Sega kid? How loyal were you or were you one of the rarer few who always had a neutral standpoint? I really wish Sega hadn't screwed up towards the end of the '90s and continued as a hardware manufacturer. The competition was fun and exciting and I honestly think gaming would be so much better today as a result.
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    Throw in some of SNK/Neo Geo's finest and that's my 90's needs sorted.

    Seriously tho, surprised no1 bought out Sega. Also looks like they'll do a new Shenmue, Shinobi, Power Stones, Streets Of Rage, Jet Set Radio exactly never so don't really know why they still exist.
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    Sega always reeked of desperation to me. Their tactics were so childish. And I can't really think of many Sega games I enjoyed.

    I didn't have a console as a kid, but even the PC ports of games I did were all on Nintendo's game lists. I hate that Nintendo thinks of itself as super exclusive, but I've always been far more interested in the games they have vs anything Sega. Thankfully now, any game Sega puts out that I do enjoy (like Bayonetta), I can literally play on my preferred Playstation consoles or even on the Switch (ironically, Nintendo); I don't need to buy a separate console, even if they still had one.

    But they're pretty inept, even now. Especially first party stuff, which is the total inverse of most others.
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    To me, nothing could had competed with Nintendo. I was too young to know what a console war was but I was aware of the Sega at the time. I think I remember kinda wanting to try sonic but the character didn't interest me at all. It's weird, not one other nintendo character was a game series that I played. I had an odd collection of third party titles and a lot of weird ones when I played the nes. I never even heard of metroid or many of the other nintendo characters until after smash brothers for the n64. With the nes I had Golgo13, kung fu, ice hockey, and marios 1 and 3 and the goonies ii game and loved the crap out of them because while I was poor as shit I was lucky enough to have that much and get rental games.

    Sega just didn't have anything I wanted.

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