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    Facebook and Twitter, twitter especially since it has a wider reach, will be used for promoting user content. We've already been doing this with the better written reviews and it's had some positive results. If you're on twitter, please do share an odd post here and there. It does help with getting the site visible on search engines and such. ;) I've thrown up other links that you guys might find useful. We will also be putting content up on a Youtube page at a later date.

    Several of us hang out in the IRC room mostly on weekdays, so it's pretty fun there at times, and there is a discord room for the gamer folk who would like to get together to play.

    We'll keep this post updated, especially for new members.


    Facebook Page:

    Facebook Group:


    IRC chatroom:
    (if you want to use another service such as mibbit, or an IRC client which you can download for free, use this info: server: room:#sakugacity)

    Steam Group:

    Xbox One:
    Search for Sakuga City via the dashboard.
    If you have an questions, post in this thread:

    PSN Community:

    Search for Sakuga City.
    If you have any questions, you can post in this thread:
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