Novel Origin of Neil Jeagerjaques (repost, work in progress)

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    Neil Jeagerjaques

    This is just a little story about Neil Jeagerjaques my fave Original Character and Online persona. I'm honestly not expecting anyone to read this or comment just making this for fun. First before you read, i have the spelling and grammar skills of a 6th grader so bear with me. I also make a lot of run on sentences and other punctual mistakes. This is going to make Grammar Nazi rage and make it a little hard to read... please if you can forgive this please read on,
    trying 3rd person omniscient but this is the first story ill ever written, Enjoy if possible

    Chaper 1 - Wakening

    The Legends of this world are rarly seen by the average mortal, but deeper behind the naked eye hero and monster fight for our very souls. Sometimes this war seeps into the mortal world and the result can be Constructive and Destructive. A young man unaware of his fate sleeps dreaming of his simple life in a simple town in the middle of the Michigan.
    Neil lied in his bed as the light from outside slowly filled his bedroom. His eyes moved quickly from side to side, Neil was dream but it quickly turned dark. Neil started tossing and turning a cold sweat apped on his skin, he also started mumbling very loudly, as the sun hit his face he jumped up and looked around breathing hard. Neil rubbed his eyes as a sharp pain went from his right eye down to his jawline. He pulled off the covers and sat on the edge of bed thinking to himself "wow that was a wierd one... that guy had blue hair.... and a sword....." he looked around his room still somewhat dizzy his eyes stoped and locked on his sword. It was a long Katana, bright blue Saya and a white handle with blue lacing that wrapped around. It was Neil 16 birthday gift, his mother said it was his fathers neil didnt question it feeling a strange attachment to it. He shook his head "impossible" he said wile yawning and pulled his phone out checking the time, 6:09 he let out a moan and got up only wearing boxers and walked to the bathroom, the entire house was dark and silent. Neil walked into the bathroom pitch black and made his way to the mirror turning it on he squinted his eyes and looked at himself. He had short black hair buzz cut and dark skin that was somewhat pale because of how much he stayed inside. He ran his finger along his right cheek two bone protruded out of his skin, they had been around since he could remeber slowly getting bigger each time. The protruding bones wrapped close to his face starting from below his temple to the from of his cheekbone, and another along the bottom of his jaw line. He rubbed them moving his jaw and the bones did as well. Shrugging Neil turned around and turned on the shower and started to get undress

    Neil quickly finished up his shower and getting his clothes on, Neil wore a thin black hoodie and jeans with tears and holes all up and down them, Neil quickly grabbed his phone and ran out of his room and downstairs. as he entered the kitchen he heard his mother in her shower and started getting something to eat. Neil hastily got a bowl of cereal together fast and started eating a bowl of cereal he sat on the arm of his couch trying to remember the dream, but it was too fuzzy. His concentration was cutt of by his phone vibrating Neil put the bowl on his lap and pulled out his phones out checking it. It was a message from his friend Chris, it read 'Dude hurry up we are outside' he looked out the front door and a crappy hippy fan sat in Neil's driveway, Neil ran back to his house's stairs and shouted up to his mom "Leaving for school". Neil rushed out his front door grabbing his wallet on the way out, Neil jumped outside and the door on the side of the hippy van slid open and two kids were sitting inside Casey and Chris, Neil jumped in and sat down the van smelled like cigarettes and weed and Neil enjoyed it. Casey was the skater punk type: Long blonde hair, tight purple jeans and a suicide silence shirt and Chris was unique, Dark brown skin, same skinny jeans but dark blue, an afro and a Pokemon backpack. in the front two seats Carlos and heather
    Chris was the first to greet him "aye dude took you long enough," Chris said moving over for Neil to sit,
    Neil looked annoyed as he found his spot in the middle seat, saying "not my fault shit... sexiness like this cannot be rushed"
    Heather laughed from the front seat,
    Casey sat back down in the back pulling the cig from his ear and lighting it "CARLOS! get this rust bucket going"
    Neil sighed looking through his phone as the smell of a cig reached his nose
    Carlos was listening to his music shouting back at Casey "shut up dude Southparkmexican is the shit"
    Chris looked out the window, saying "no doubt"
    Carlos put the Van in reverse and started off for school, Carlos started rapping along with the music, Neil just listening as heather looked back at Neil, Saying
    "so did you ask Robyn to the homecoming dance yet?".
    Neil looked unsure not really wanting to answer, finally saying "ummm no"
    Heather face scrunched up in a pisssy manner "well why the fuck not"
    Neil let out a deep sigh as Chris and Casey started bicking in the back, Neil looked back at her "well uh i guess..." he said stalling nudging his friend Chris who almost instantly turned around looking at heather
    and said "Robyn is freakishly tall" with a complete straight face
    Everyone else in the car burst out laughed, Heather on the other hand was not amused folded her arms and didnt talked, Neil chuckled a bit more looking back at Casey and said "dude let me get a hit". Casey shruged and handed it too him. Neil took a long dragg and let out a deep sigh thinking 'nother day of highschool...'

    Neil took a long drag and let out a deep sigh thinking, 'Anorther day of high school...'
    Chris opened the van door starting to get out with the others and said, "Come on dude, it's our senior year, tonight's homecoming, you should ask Robyn you know she wants to go with you"
    Neil kept on hitting it, letting his mind wande.r
    Casey climbed over the seat and took the cigarette from him,smiling as he says, "Come on dude, don't be a fagget, you need to get some pussy and relax."
    Heather smacked him in the back of the head as she walked by, the 3 started walking to the school as carlos and Neil stayed in the car.
    Carlos turned off the car looking back at Neil, "Bro, you feeling ok?"
    Neil blew the smoke out of his nose, as it hung around his face, he snapped back to attention smiling, "Yeah bro, just a long night, ready?" Neil said getting out checking his phone again and started texting someone back.
    Carlos jumped out laughing, "Seriously, you should ask Robyn."
    Neil shrugged, ignoring the question, "So whose party we going to after the game?" They both walked up to the school door, a random kid from the parking lot walked up to the school. Around the front, kids got off the buss and started walking into the school, it was a big school but small enough to feel like a tight community.
    Neil made it to his locker, his headphones still around his neck, the chatter of the hallways echoing in his ears. He grabbed his books and started walking, watching everyone as they talked and chatted. A member of the swim team ran up and walked next to him, Rodrick shouted as he reached Neil "NEIL! Dude, where you for morning practice?"
    Neil sighed, "Shit, I missed it, I thought it was tomorrow... coach is going to kill me."
    Rodrick laughed, "Yea dude, we had spaghetti for breakfast y.." he stopped, getting uncomfortably close "You smell like smoke." Rodrick squinted as he folded his arms.
    Neil looked annoyed as Rodrick cocked his head to the side saying, "You know you shouldn't hang out with those stoners..."
    Neil didn't say anything. The first bell rang and Neil quickly said, "Well, I got to go, see you at practice."
    Before Rodrick could say anything, Neil was gone and to his first class. He sat down and put his headphones and slammed his head on the desk, thinking "God, I hate english."
    First block went by fast, as he walked around in passing time, someone randomly jumped on his back. Neil stumbled catching himself, a small sophomore hung from his back.
    Neil sighed looking back, "Hey Jorgey...."
    Neil pulled her up and carrying her on his back, she was small enough to do this. Jorgey instantly wrapped his arms around the front of him, "Why the fuck didn't you come see me before first block?"
    Neil sighed as he turned to take Jorgey to her locker, replying to her outburst "What do you mean... we aren't dating anymore, I don't have to be with you 24-7."
    Jorgey tightened her grip around his neck,"Yes, you are my little slave."
    Neil couldn't help but laugh, "You're such a racist little fuck."
    Jorgey smiled widely, "That's why you love me."
    Neil let her down but not before Jorgey gave a kiss on the cheek, "If you say so."
    Neil leaned against the locker as she got her stuff. Eventually the two made it to Neil's locker and as Neil was getting his stuff, Jorgey got bored and left without saying anything, Neil just shook his head thinking "Why did i ever date her..."
    He made his way to second block.
    Second block went by slow, as math always seemed to for Neil. As the bell rang and Neil and his friend Chris walked out as they made their way to the lunch room, joking and talking as they walked. Chris was a laid back and down to earth kid, and was Neil's best friend. As they entered the lunch room Chris nudged Neil, pointing to a table filled with kid. At one seat, a tall skinny girl with long brown hair sat smiling and eating. She was very beautiful; many people said she should even be a model. Robyn and Neil were very good freinds and they hung out regularly, but Neil didn't much to care to date her,
    Chris smiled "Come on dude, don't be a pussy, just ask her."
    Neil started walking to the lunch line, "Shit you don't have to bust my balls about it, I dont get why she doesn't have a date yet..." Neil said as they both got in line.
    Chris looked down at the foot as he talked "Heather says she's been asked a bunch of times.... she turned them all down, must be waiting for you."

    Chris looked down at the foot as he talked "Heather says she's been asked a bunch of times.... she turned them all down, must be waiting for you."
    Neil Looked at everyone sitting at the table with Robyn, He let out a deep sigh and walked towards the table the girl was sitting at waving back at Chris
    Chris shouted "k meet you at the stairs"
    Neil walked up to the table not really feeling like asking anyone, he stood beside the table as they all the kids at the table started to notice him some of them knew him saying hi including Chris looked down at the foot as he talked "Heather says she's been asked a bunch of times.... she turned them all down, must be waiting for you."
    Neil smiled "hey guys," he said looking down at Robyn sitting down next to her, the other kept on talking about random stuff.
    Robyn gave a wide beautiful grin "hey Neil whats up?" she turned so she was facing him
    Neil rubbed his head not sure how to start "you know the homecoming dance?"
    She kept on smiling nodding as the other started listening in.
    "well i was wondering if you wanted to go with me?" Neil said looking up
    Almost instantly one of the popular kids sneered "why would she want to go with a freak like you"
    all the kids at the table started laughing
    Neil touched the right side of his face were his hollow jaw was, he was used to people calling him freak. He got the most of it in grade school when it started growing
    Neil clenched his fist trying not to jump across the table and nail the kid
    Robyn glared at the kid about to say something to Neil but it was too late, Neil had already gotten up and left the table.
    Robyn snapped her head back at the kid "you know your a real dick Kyle" she got up and went after Neil
    as the table kept laughing
    Neil made his way out of the cafeteria and walked with his hands in his pockets looking at the floor, it wasn't long before Robyn caught up grabbing his hand
    "Neil stop... that douche is just jellious" she pull him around looking Neil in his eyes
    Neil just shrugged
    "you know Kyle asked me and i said no... that's why he did that..." Robyn smiled as they walked, she didn't let go of him hand
    Neil smiled a little gripping his hand
    As they both got to the stair all of Neil's "stoner" friends were sitting on the steps, 9 in all. It was technically Against the rules to sit there but they did really care it was away from all the other kids, that's all Neil cared about. As everyone noticed Robyn and Neil holding hands they all started in on the two,
    "AHHHHHHHHH look at you two" Casey laughed
    Chris smiled "told you dumb-ass"
    heather shook her head "Get a room you two i swear"
    the rest started laughing and kept on eating
    Neil Sat down and Robyn sat in-between his legs in the step below him
    They all were talking about different stuff, Heather looked back at Robyn
    "Why did you only pick Neil"
    Casey chimed in "cuz that bone on his face isn't the only bone he has HAhahahahHa" he said laughing at his own joke
    Neil gave Casey a charlie horse making him laugh harder
    Robyn shrugged as she ate her salad "I dont know... Neil is just different"
    Heather look up and down the two suspiciously
    Cathy looked over at heather "I heard he stayed at Robyn house for a whole weekend"
    Neil Jumped and coughed trying to talk "that 'cough' that was nothing" he said coughing
    Robyn just smiled mumbling "you did sleep in my bed i wouldn't call that nothing"
    Casey Carlos Miguel and Chris all stopped eating and looked at Neil,
    Neil sigh and was about to say something but was cutt off by the bell, as everyone started to get up Robyn waved bye. Neil let out a sigh of relief before looking at Carlos Talking as they walked down the steps
    "hey so can you pick me up after school..."
    Carlos nodded as him Casey and Chris walked down the hallway
    Neil splitting off and headed for his 3rd block,
    3rd block went by and 4th block just the same, Neil Slept through most of them before he left 4th block he fell asleep on his desk. His Physics teacher came by as everyone else started to leave and picked up a very heavy text book and made his way over to Neil and slammed the book on the desk making a very loud bang. Neil instantly jumped up looking around, and quickly realized what he had done rubbing the back of his head
    "sorry Mr. Simon"
    Mr. Simon pushed up his classes pinching the bridge of his nose "Neil why did you sign up for physics?"
    Neil looked around seeing no one else was in there "because ummm...." he paused a little glancing at the clock, "because i rather get a D in physics then senior math..."
    Mr Simon shook his head getting up and walked to his desk "Neil your a smart kid really you just don't apply yourself... like last week, No-one could figure out that formula and you get up in front of everyone and make it look like child's play"
    Neil just Shrugged
    Mr. Simon continued "You could do great things if you put your mind to it..."
    Neil nodded and looked up at the clock
    Mr. Simon let out a deep sigh "go on get to swim, just try and think about what i said"
    Neil waved shouting as he ran out of the room "yes sir!", in His head he was freaking out if he missed morning swim and was late for practice coach wouldn't let him swim next weekend. Neil ran down the hallways of the school weaving in and out of student who were still leaving eventually making it to the pool. The smell of chlorine fill his nose as he opened the door to the boys locker room. It was completely empty meaning he was more late then he though, he quickly got ready taking off all his clothes and pulling on his tight compression shorts, he ran for the way to the pool stopping in front of the mirror. He looked at himself up and down stopping at the bone on the side of his face that protruded and was pure white, his mind wandered as he looked at it 'i would be perfect if it wasn't for this stupid thing' he blink as it seemed to move on his face. Neil face looked panicked as he touched it, it was still solid to the touch 'god what the fuck is wrong with me...'. Neil snapped out of it as the coaches whistled and he rushed off to practice
    About 3 hours later Neil pulled himself out of the pool breathing hard all his teammates around him just as out of breath as him, he watches checking out the bodies of the other male and female swimmers. Neil personally thought it was the best part of being on the swim team. He walked into the showers with the other guys, They were all shouting and carrying on, Neil smiled and listened to them eventually talking himself finally getting out of the locker and school, he was still somewhat out of breath as he walked on the grass of the school yard. Suddenly the silence was abruptly broken as Carlos's old car horn Neil smiled and ran to the car getting in

    Some time later that day ,an hour before the football game, Neil Chris and Carlos all sat in casey's room. Chris was sitting on the window ledge with his feet hanging outside, his hoodie on and his phone in his hand texting people ,and Carlos was sitting on the futon with a guitar laying across his chest and strummed a melody to his favorite song it filled the room as Casey broke the silence ran in and turned around locking the door. Neil opened his eyes on the bed and his sword laying across chest, casey sat next to him with a small smile leaning back, "you all ready" Casey said with his devious smile still showing through as he reached down for his papers under his bed, and started rolling. Neil sat up leaning his back against the back of the wall still on the bed,
    Carlos stopped playing and keaned up yawning and speaking in his light mexican accent "Neil why do you always carry that sword"
    Carlos said as he watched chris climb back in.
    "you should now by now it was a gift from his father" chris said looking kinda annoyed,
    Neil looked uneasy "its more than that... ive had this since i was 6, ever since i can remember i just feel complete when its with me" Neil said grabbing it and gettin up sitting next to Casey.
    Casey licked the edge of the paper finishing up, he looked over at neil "remeber when you braught it to school and you almost got exspelled haha" he continued laughing
    Chris looked confused "you really did that?"
    Neil smiled "yea haha," he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "that was when that one kid who kept bulling me... lets just say he shit his pants when he saw me that day"
    Carlos had a grin too as he tossed a lighter to Casey saying "yea after that no one messed with you"
    The other three continued to talked as Neil remembered his past, He remember how everyone stayed away from him... Between the sword and his face deformity everyone stayed away from him, well not everyone
    Neil's concentration was broken as Casey hit him "Neil pay attention"
    He looked up at Casey he was passing it to him and other was looking at him
    "sorry zoning out" Neil said as he grabbed it and started smoking himself
    Casey shook his head "safe that for after this"
    Neil passed it to Chris who was now just as intrigued with the sword as well,
    Chris eyed the sword "have you ever thought about taking Kendo classes?"
    Carlos looked confused "Kendo?"
    Chris looked over "yea you now, the way of the sword?"
    Neil looked at the sword thinking about actually using it when suddenly casey grabbed the handle of the sword and whipped it out and started handling it very carelessly almost hitting everyone shouting "i dont need classes to cut some motherfuckers"
    Neil right eye started to hurt and he felt himself moving up fast faster than hes every moved and grabbed Casey hand make him stop instantly Neil gripp tightened.
    Everyone looked at Neil, finally realizing what he had don't, "dude your hurting me" Casey said trying to get free
    Neil snapped out of it grabbing the sword and putting it away, "sorry man it must be the stuff messing with my head" He said sitting back down putting the sword behind him and sitting down
    Casey instantly burst out in laughter his ADD not letting him dwell on what happened, "so after this you kids ready to head to the game?"
    They nodded including Neil who's eye was starting to bother him he rubbed it, he started to feel a sharp pain in the back of his eyes socked,
    Neil took it one more time as they all finished smoking talking about random stuff as they all passed it around the room slowly filling with smoke

    Neil was looking down at his sword, feeling bad for how he reacted to Casey. The 4 of them finished up and started heading out as they talk Neil tied off the sword with a white band of cloth so the sword couldn't be used. The Towns Cops made it clear they didn't like Neil walking around with a weapon but they also understood it was a gift from his know deceased father. They all made it out to the front of the house they were all very excited for the game even Neil, but he wasn't ready for the homecoming dance
    Chris walked next to Neil looking over at him with his glazed over eyes "hey man you feeling ok?"
    Neil shrugged "yea its just i don't like smoking and going to public places"
    Chris let out a sigh before opening the door "no i mean your temper and that sword"
    Neil looked at his sword once more it tied very nicely the bright blue matching his sweaty very nicely
    Finally saying "idk man i had this dream tripped me out... just feel like this sword is apart of me..."
    Casey yelled from the front passenger seat "you dumb-ass getting in, I am loosing my buzz"
    Chris jumped in and so did neil, Chris looking over at him "you need to talk to someone about that kinda stuff man"
    Neil just stared forward remembering the dream he previously had
    Carlos started the old van and it shuddered to life as he pulled out of the driveway
    Some time later they arrived in the school witch was packed, the whole town showed up for the only excitment the small town got, football games. They drove around the parking-lot trying to find a good spot the car full with, Neil Chris Casey Carlos Heather Blaire and Katelyn all jammed in the little hippy van.
    Katelyn was jammed between Casey and Carlos
    She looked annoyed as she stated in a stern tone "you know this is precisely why i wanted to take my car"
    Heather chuckled as she blew smoke out "you know cathy just wanted to sit on chrises lap"
    Cathy smiled her cleavage prominent and forfront as she whiggled on his lap "you jellious cause you dont got a man"
    Chris sighed "cathy dont..."
    Heather mumble swear words under her breath
    Cathy reached over Neil to get in heather face
    Neil put his hands up not to accidentally grab something
    Chris held Cathy back as she shouted "i heard THAT!"
    Carlos looked annoyed as he found a parking spot and shouted "OK... we are here everyone out"
    Neil let out a deep sigh as the hit boxed van door slowly opened and smoke poured out and they all got out one at a time and in on bigg group made their way to a football feild in one big group they made small talk about school and homecoming dance. Neil and Heather held back she notice he was distressed
    Heather hit his shoulder "calm down kid jeez you look like your selling crack or something"
    Neil let out a sigh trying to relax "i don't like when people stare"
    Heather looked around, as the other people were staring at Neil facial deformity. People from the town already knew who Neil was and his face and got used to it for the most part but Neil knew all too well that people from other towns didnt know him or what he looked like, and so more often then not he got weird looks from the other teams parents and freinds
    Heather leaned on him "you could just imagin your like this towns famous movie star, i mean everyone knows who you are here your face is very... unique"
    Neil smiled a bit "gosh heather you know how to make me feel good"
    Casey jump up interrupting everyone "DAM its good to be alive! all these cute girls"
    Carlos shook his head "i swear kid all your going to do in this life is get pussy and be high"
    Casey put his hands in his skinny jeans "you say that like its a bad thing"
    Chris chimed in "hey man we are in high-school this is the time to do what ever the fuck we want"
    Cathy held Chris's hand saying "amen to that"
    Neil raised his hand "i think life is what you make it"
    Katlyn looked bat at Neil "what do you make it?" she said raising an eye brow
    Neil folded his arms "umm...." neil mumbled as he tryed to think, but as he thought he realized his life was meaningless and pointless and his attitude and body language reflected that
    Carlos turned around "hey everyone get your money ready we are almost to the gate
    Heather pulled on Neil's arm breaking his concentration "dont think about it to much noone knows" she said with a smile
    Neil returned the smile as he realized they were getting close, he tied the rope around his sword to the back belt loop and pulled out his walled getting 20$
    But out of the corner of his eye he saw a cop approaching him

    Neil's body tensed up as he felt the eyes of the cop on him, the smell of weed emanating from the him and the others
    The raised his hand and pointed at Neil
    "hey you, the one with the sword! you cant bring that in here" the cop said with slight authority and attitude
    Neil turned around looking down at the ground then his sword attempting to avoid eye contact with the officer as he opened his mouth his heart started beating, "umm i...."
    in his mind he felt like lashing out for some reason, his hand gripped the sword and his body language shifted forward ready to act, then casey appeared over his shoulder and laughed "come on rookie cant find any real crim so you gotta pick on our bud..."
    the cops face twisted with anger, Casey knew every cop in Alma sadly... so Casey knew this one was new, right out of the academy
    The cop walked over with anger and got in Casey face "listen here you little punk why dont i take you downtown for a piss test huh? i can smell it on all of you"
    Casey was cool as a nice winter breeze
    he simple smiled in the cops face "wow, downtown... never knew a cop could be so old and new at the same time, as long as you hold it, remeber two shakes or you will be playing with it" he smiled from the corner of his mouth and narrowed his eyes
    the Cop was about to reach for something when the principle cam by and split the two up, the principle explained and the cop nodded and walked off back to his spot guarding the gates,
    Casey glared on with glee as they all walked in

    A normal football games, stand pack highschool and middleschool kids everyone, parents of the players and friends all around to watch the game,
    the small group found a seat near the top and watched talking about the day at school and the upcoming dance afterwards
    Neil seemed distant his mind wandered still flustered by the cop... the crowd of people started to close in on him, making him feel uncomforitable... he mumbled to himself "make it stop... the voices"
    Chris instantly noticed and leaned over "you ok man?"
    Neil looked up "yea man just a little too high to be in public..."
    Casey smiled "awww maybe you should just stay home on your phone then, cant handle a little medical"
    Carlos chuckled "he will be fine..."
    Neil smiled "yea yea casey whatever, you would miss me too much..." he smiled and winked at him
    casey grumbled not wanting to admit the two had messed around before

    The game went on the announcer screaming over the PA narrating the game, the cold damp air filled Neil's lungs as he cuddled up to his friends for warmth enjoying the game and the crappy contention food, he slowly looked up at the full moon and smiled at it's beautie, when his eyes caught something, what looked to be a black butterfly flew from the light of the mood and passed right infront of him, Strange that it was pure black, and even more strange that no one else noticed it, he looked back up at the moon and his eyes stopped almost lock on a black figure on the football field lights he twitch slightly and utter words that neil himself had never heard or knew
    "SHI...NI...GAMI...." the pronunciation was a low grumble and suddenly like something breaking inside his head, an immense pain grew from his right jaw, he stood up holding his right side of his face and yelled out in pain, the most blood curtailing scream, half of the bleacher looked up at him confused, Chris grabbed him and tryed to help him off the bleacher but failed as Neil felt his normally Bone jaw liquefy and mold to his face covering one third of his face and right eyes, it penetrated his eyes and neil fell to the ground screamming, in the middle of the bleacher, Casey scream for someone to call 911
    Neil's one good eye floated among the faces he was loosing consciousness from the pain, finally his body convulsed and his eyes rolled back into his head and a voice came through his mouth that was almost not his own, it started with a laigh... a creepy laugh, then he or it spoke
    Neil's consciousness drifted away until all the shouting and noise turned to nothing. He could only perceive a deep darkness that had no end. Suddenly Neil was surrounded by water. The sudden light forced his eyes open and he looked around attempting or orientate himself. He quickly swam up through the waterline. Around Neil there was endless wrecks of ships floating in water. The ships scrapped against each other and collided making loud noises that echoed through the empty space. Neil looked around confused, not knowing where he was his mind completely void of what was happening in the real world. This world... his inner conscious was the only place his mind could go. Neil quickly climbed on a massive upside down cargo container and looked around shouting "is anyone there!?", and in almost an instant a man stood behind him. Neil did not notice at first walking farther onto the ship. The man spoke in an annoyed tone, "what is that on your face... kid?"
    Neil spun around startled by the voice he looked the man, "wha....what who are you.... what are you!" he shouted. Neil Finally noticing the massive Hole in the mans chest.
    The man seemed to disappear and reappear in front of Neil. Neil attempted to jump back but the man's hand was too fast. The Hand gripped around Neil's neck and quickly lifted him off his feet.
    The man twisted his neck to get a better look at Neil'd face. His annoyance seem to grow as he spun Neil's face back around. The man almost yelling at neil said, "ill ask you again... why do you have that on your face and why do you have my sword..."
    Neil just smiled "you never asked me about my sword"
    A twitch of annoyance appeared on his face. He quickly dropped neil, fallowed by a strong right hook that connected with Neil's face. The force of the punch turned Neil's body counter clockwise in the air. Neil's head dented the metal ship before the force sent him tumbling. His limb body seeming to roll into the water. Slowly blood trickled into the clear blue water making it red.
    The man started laughing
    Neil head slowly lifted up looking at the man, "that laugh..... i know it..."
    The man stared talking over him, "dam kid... you sure can take a punch for a little punk shit" he said in a cocky tone while walking toward neil.
    Neil painfully attempted to get up but could only push himself up by his arms. blood dripping down the side of his head where it impacted the boat.
    The man pulled him up by his hoody, "but sadly your little friends are alot more squishy.... such a shame i am having so much fun outside, you are alot more fun"
    Neil's eyes widened "what are you doing to my friends... friends..." he said almost silent, his mind racing to put the pieces together. His eyes went numb as he remember that laugh came from inside from himself. Then Neil finally realized who this man was... the man in his dreams... this was himself.
    the mans face finally became blurred. The blue hair and the hollowfied jaw prominently in his face.
    Neil eyes couldn't focus on one think jumped all around his face, He shouted at the top of his lungs "ARE YOU ME?!"
    The man laughed "wrong again kiddo" he could barely get out of his massive grin. He threw his head forward headbutting Neil straight into the water/side of the ship.
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    The beating went on for hours his body broken and bloody. The man played with his body sending it flying and kicking it around like a rag doll. Neil's body skipped across the water towards a massive ship, spinning violently before coming to an abrupt halt. At the force that he was launched his body was embedded deep into the metal. The man was not far behind punched Neil through the ship to the other side sending him flying off into the distance. The man appeared where Neil was going to land and landed round house kick right as Neil was about to land towards the ship below them. Neil's body carved through the metal like wet cardboard.
    Neil'd bady was badly broken and maimed, parts of his skin ripped off from the friction and metal. His body not moving but the sword lay across his body. Neil did everything in his power to moved but 8 hours of torture left his face twisted and mangled. he could only say "why?"
    the man's ears twitched like a cat and that same grin appeared as the man jumped closer and leaned down "you wanna know why?"
    "cause i finally know who YOU are" his face turned almost sad but the man quickly filled it with anger "she was myn... not that fucken... human... not that man..."
    He reached out his hand and a large red orb appeared in his hand inches from his face "you look like her... but you also look like him" he slowly pushed the cero forward "i could kill you... it would be so easy... and there would be nothing left of you" he said slowly, But then stopped and crushed the cero in his hand "BUT! that would be boring, i wanna know how you absorbed my powers... you a lowly human mutt" the tone almost amused now, The man flicked the hallow jaw on neil's face "and you grew one of these ha, you are not a hallow"
    Neil felt the mans hand grasp and attempt to crush his hallow jaw. Neil's arm rose up and snatched it holding tight he reached for his sword and pulled it out. He trusted the sword up towards the man's throat. The tip of the sword stopped right at the man skin. The man laughed "do you really think my sword would cut me?"
    More laughter came from the man.
    Neil surprised and annoyed, let his anger out in a shouted, "This IS MY SWORD!" putting all his strength in a thrust towards the man.
    The very tip seemed to slowly go in. The man quickly jumped back feeling his neck he mumbled something about his Hierro.
    "well then i guess our fun is over with... i will finish eating the souls of your village and move on to the next village...." the evil laugh fallowed as the man ranted on
    Neil had already moved the sword to the center of his chest right over his heart. "no... you wont"
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