Short Story PROJECT: Zephyr

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    Hi, Ravok here.

    I wrote a quick short story after watching the Alita movie, now let me know what you think and if you like these short stories, I got some more ideas for other stories so might write those. And have some ideas to expand this single story
    The Slums of the city where dark, drops of water colliding with puddles not too far down. Only to be interrupted by strong footsteps disrupting the calm and peace. The sounds of the buildings around him was dying out. The wheels on the asphalt around him became nothing more than a soft hum into his ear. The neon lights around him almost seemed to dim to a level at where he could look at them directly without being bothered. His breathing was the only thing that made any sound whatsoever. Loud, heavy, exhausted breathing. The surreal moment was interrupted by another pair of footsteps joining in. The footsteps where not as loud as what he had just heard, instead they were fast, light footsteps. As he looked down to see where he was stepping he could see the face of a young girl, unconscious in his arms, bleeding profusely from a cut on the side of her neck. Tears filled his eyes, but he was forced to hold them back as it would blur his vision. The light footsteps behind him closing in on him as he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his lower back. A light cut now clearly visible in his side. The road would end up ahead, dropping down into the void below the floating city of Kai’Ras.There was no other place to run to however and so he just kept on running and running, each step heavier and louder then the last. His breathing getting more and more out of sync with his body. A voice interrupted the autopilot he was on. “Just give up, Winson, there is no more road to go. Come back to the Hub and we can still talk this out. Just tell them housing the criminal was a mistake” A hint of worry was heard as she spoke, but with that worry came another attack, a deeper cut to the leg. Running became difficult. In his head he was counting, “83...84...85...86” Blocking out any attempt of reason. Suddenly his step stopped and he turned around, facing his assailant. It was a woman with body of steel, the integrate design meant that she either had a very wealthy sponsor or had wealth to spare herself. However instead of a left hand there was a small but effective blade launcher. The spinning blades glowing blue even inside of their magazine. “We know she stole the project, give us her memory core and we can negotiate your safety Winson, this is your last warning. Your Mechka is no match for mine.” He looked with sadness at the woman in his arms. Slowly putting her on the floor with tears in his eyes, putting her hair over her cheeks like she always prefered. Smiling one last time as he let her go. The other woman however took this as a chance, delivering a swift kick into his chest to knock him off balance. Winson was knocked off the edge. The last thing he saw was the woman shaking her head as she turned around. “96” The woman slowly moved over to the empty husk of a woman, shaking her head as she kneeled down next to her. “97” She touched the woman's neck to check for a pulse but it was quickly clear that life left the woman long ago. She slowly pushed aside the hair on her face. “98” Her eyes were drawn to the empty socket in the side of her head. There was only a moment of anger but it was quickly replaced with regret as she figured out what Winson had done. He took the Memory core with him off the edge. “99” Her legs lifted her up, slowly walking to the edge to see Winsons fall, to look upon the mistake she made.

    “100… Installation Completed… PROJECT: Zephyr, Online.” What she witnessed however was Winson, rising up Meeting her gaze with fury. His body now completely changed. A silver shine covered his entire body, slick and tight covering armor protecting him from danger. Single wing extending from his back, allowing him to fly at immense speeds and hover if he so chose. His hands ended up in claw like structures, the tips of each of his fingers glowing with a white light. As the woman took a single step backwards she could only utter…”....PROJECT…...Zephyr”

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little story. And I will see you later

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