Record of Ragnarok Anime finally coming!

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    So, Record of Ragnarok is probably easily one of my top favorite Manga ever and I joined in on it somewhat later. One or two chapters comes out each month and unlike many manga that starts out fast and then peters out like a sprint from a cheetah, or starts out slow and steady and then punches it the second half or in the final rounds like a marathon runner, this manga literally LEAPS from an already fast moving vehicle and immediately hits the ground in a mad desperate sprint in which it has not slowed its pace since the beginning!

    For those who don't know the series read the following or skip this part to the next paragraph:

    The whole premise is easy, The gods of Heaven want to murder all of us humans, The Valkyries like humans so they don't want to do it so they enact a clause that was meant to be an utterly absolute joke that would give humanity a chance to fight back which is fucking laughable because not even atomic bombs could have even the slightest chance of leaving a scratch on a god let alone fight them. LMFAO LOL ROFL..AMIRIGHT? YA! ...*heavy sigh with shaking head in pity stereotypes with shrugged shoulders* The Ragnarok tournament is a 1v1 tournament where the gods pick their champions and the Valkyrie Brunhilde who is the leader of this event to protect humans has a secret weapon-THEM! When a Valkyrie and a humans' heart and soul resonate with one another they combine into one being and the divine woman warrior becomes the shape of a weapon that can harm even the most powerful god as well as gives that human a super natural boost to their abilities such as endurance and speed and strength but ultimately it is up to their skill and how they fight that will win. The fights are all to the death and the manga has been one amazing epic fight since then. All the human fighters are famous warriors, poets or people of greatness over the course of human history and the gods are some of the best of all pantheons. One example of a Fight is Adam from the Bible who fights Zeus from the Greek Pantheon.

    A record of Ragnarok Anime is coming and I cannot wait for it to come out! I imagine due to the pace of how slow the chapters come out the anime will take YEARS to catch up, but my goodness this is going to be great. This manga has some of the best fighting and creativity in powers and each fight comes with a back story for both fighters that somehow, unlike Naruto, never makes you want to immediately get back to the action as they all pull you into the mythos and personality and background of each person and why they are the way they are. When this anime gets to doing Hercules vs Jack the Ripper I am going to SQEEEEE like a little school girl!

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