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    I discovered this manga about three months ago and it is one of my favorite manga ever. Sucks because of how slow each chapter takes to come out-but at least it's not Berserk which only releases a single or "maybe" two chapters every year ( if we are lucky ).

    Basic story goes like this, the gods ( all of them from every religion ) have decided that they have had enough of humanity, so they are going to kill them all with a giant foot crushing their city. So, Brunhild, a Valkyrie, suggested Ragnarok instead. In this story, ragnarok is a forgotten about clause in the laws of the gods that the gods only put there as an absolute ludecrous joke from their own sick twisted humor and just because they were bored and don't give a shit. Ragnarok would create a tournament. 13 combatants from each side fight in a 1v1 battle, one battle at a time in order to determine if humanity should live or die. The humans could be pulled from Heaven, Hell or current day earth. If a god or a human dies in this tournament they die forever. Only problem is, gods cannot possibly to harmed by human beings-Even dead ones. There is no possibility of any human, no matter how bad ass they are that they could harm a god. Not even Nuclear bombs, hell, even if humans created a "black hole bomb" the most powerful kind of explosives' theoretically powerful explosive possible according to our modern day math that we could even leave a bruise on a god.

    So..that's the sick joke part of it. The fights are extremely short and boring and the manga only lasts for a single chapter as we get to watch all the humans who have ever existed and exists now somehow sitting in the same stadium watching 1-5 second long battles and then every one dies and the gods destroy the earth and......AHAHAHHAHAAAHHAHAHAHA OMFG YOU FREAKING IDIOT! Did you actually believe what I just typed there? LOL...Get real! XD Don't believe everything you read.

    No...It's the Valkyries! You see, in this story they play the role as the sworn protectors of humanity and the living world. When one of these girls makes a contract with a human, if both of their hearts resonate with one another and their thoughts and feelings become one, the Valkyrie changes into a weapon fitting for the person wielding them giving them the power to kill a god. What's more, it super enhances their physical powers to boot and boy oh boy are these humans strong even without the power up!

    Not going to spoil it, but Adam vs Zeus and Hercules vs Jack the Ripper was FREAKING AMAZING!
    Chapters come out once a month, and I cannot wait for an anime adaptation of this. I suspect we might get one sometime in 2025.

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