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Discussion in 'New In Japan' started by Shannon Apple, May 28, 2016.

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    We're going to be pretty strict on this one here as we want people to be able to check out threads in this section to vet shows before watching. People often read them to catch the initial reactions to a new show in order to decide if they're going to watch. In fact, I do it myself to check on the opinions of people who I know have similar tastes to myself.

    No matter how old a show is there should be no spoilers visible for someone just reading through. All spoilers must be placed within the
    like this
    tags. If they aren't, a mod may edit your post, or infract you if you do it repeatedly.

    [Spoiler]put spoilers here [/Spoiler]
    Please be considerate of other members. It's not difficult to place spoiler tags in as you're typing.

    Thank you.
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