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    Genre: drama, sports
    Studio: Dandelion
    Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto
    Writer: Kenichi Yamashita

    This particular show is an animated and fictionalized take on the live action RoboMasters gameshow which is a massive televised contest between student teams from universities all over China. Wait? China? Yes, this is this season’s attempt at another Chinese/Japanese co-production. Prior attempts being such animated masterpieces like Hiroti no Shita, Bloodivores and The Silver Guardian. Shows I haven’t seen myself but the stories I’ve been told make me not very excited to check them out. However, it was bound to happen that at one point one of these attempts at a Chinese/Japanese co-production would strike my fancy. And it appears this is that show.

    The primary reason for this is the music composer attached to the project: Yoshihiro Ike whose previous works include anime such as Rage of Bahamut and The Great Passage. A show barely anybody has seen but really more people should check out, if only for its phenomenal soundtrack. Yoshihiro Ike is without a single doubt my favorite music composer and as far as I’m concerned the best composer working in anime. So any chance I get to listen to more of his wonderful compositions I jump at.

    Mind you there are other reasons to be excited for this show as well. For starters, it’s an anime featuring a cast of characters who are all in university which, should make for a nice change from the usual high school setting. And since this is a show about a contest there should be plenty of tension and drama too. And if not…well at least I’ll have another nice soundtrack to add to my ever-expanding list of awesome anime soundtracks I like listening to on rainy days.

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