Fantasy Shoukoku no Altair

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    So the Torqyean army suffered a decisive defeat as the Bald-Rhein Empire as the Bald-Rhein decimated a good chunk of their army, killing Halil Pasha and putting a violent end to the first expidionary force outside Torqyean territory.

    I'm not at all surprised about Halil Pasha's death as I predicted that would happne last episode, plus this episode was called "the sound of distnat funeral bells" so it was kind of a dead ringer. (no pun intended) I am however suprised at how thoroughly and decisively the Bald-Rhein Empire won this battle. This secretary woman truly is a foe to be reckoned with and it really does feel at this point like nothing can stand in the Empirés way again.

    Though with the increased emphasis on heavy artilery and Zaganos vowing to decimate the Bald-Rhein Empire himself I think @Kuze might well have been right non the money when he predicted Vasco would find Zaganos and together they go blow up the Bald-Rhein Army. Whether that will be enough to stop this seemingly unstoppable advance, we'll just have to see.

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