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    So with a few months of not writing, my head came up with a new story. Mechs and aliens WHAT ARE THE ODDS AMIRITE ? Anyways, I want to use this to also improve my writing skills that aren't really all that great, so I wanted your thoughts on my story guys, well the description that is. It might actually flourish into to the story of the millenium who knows. Jk jk. So yeah here's a resume, if you have any question about the story, lore, etc, throw them at me, I'll answer them through out the first chapter. :)

    Back book:

    In the year 2175, humanity stands at the brink of eternal slumber, losing Earth to an alien race known as the, Krons, they fight for survival with each passing days in the last city known as "Zelius". Surrounded by the newly infected nature, Humanity was able to steal one Kron's robotic weapon, quickly named Anthropoids, two legged machines. Researching and playing with every part, they made discoveries that even they thought would be impossible, an alien vehicule that they too, could use. Gathering their best engineers, Earth created as many of these as they could using ressources they stole from ships, forming four squads of these deadly mechanical arms, Wolf pack, Reaper's blades, Black Panthers and Hawkeyes, all four built and trained with specific skills, improving Humanity's zone of engagement and security. 5 years have passed since the discovery, leading to many deaths and replacement within the squads, but a new wave of rookies come in to fill the ranks. Will they be the force to pierce through the enemies lines or will they be the last one to engage for humanity's sake ?

    I still need to check info here and there, I also have to create an army of fighters, so if any of want to put a bit of their mixture for characters, hit me up and I'll send you the info I need. If there's something you didn't understand because of the writing, let me know.
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    So, humans stole robotic technology from the aliens to develop their very own mechas? Or did they just improve on the existing mechas of the aliens?
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