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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ReymousFumes, Dec 26, 2018.

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    Old news from May this year, but thought I would bring it up since 1) we're fast-approaching that time when the production of Vita physical games is stopped, and 2) because there wasn't any thread for this, and I'm just interested if anyone else is affected by this issue.

    Firstly, I just want to say I've never been a big fan of Nintendo. I sold my 3DS because I needed to make some money back from buying Hitman 2 and I didn't cry over it. I won't bother buying Switch either because it's so expensive. So I just couldn't relate to this whole "Vita is outdated because Ninten-do" mentality, especially with the huge amount of visual novels that are released exclusively on the platform.

    For those who don't usually read VNs - which I'd assume makes up a large population of Sakuga - this probably doesn't raise your attention much. But for someone like me, someone whose local PS store has a very limited range of Vita indie games that are in the English language, including English visual novels, this spells big trouble because I got my two latest Vita VNs from buying second-hand copies, meaning physical copies. This means that if production is stopped, any VN released in the future won't be accessible by me anymore unless I Japanese or improve my Chinese. I guess I could try and bypass the PS store's detection system and bluff that I'm from America or something, but I don't even know how to pull that off, since my debit card is probably recognized as non-American.

    I hate that this problem is explained away with "digital copies is the wave of the future" when there's so many problems that come with digital copies, not the least of which being all your purchases are controlled by a corporation with agendas. Reselling your games is also impossible unless you sell your entire account, which will warrant a ban from the respective game company (be it Valve or Sony). Such a cheap and lazy way to excuse themselves from making physical copies anymore. If you want to make money off digital copies, don't pass it off like you're revolutionizing video gaming or standing on some pretentious moral high ground. You're not. You're just making money, that is all. State that plain as day please.

    Anyway, that is all I want to rant about. Just want to see if anyone else is annoyed by this problem.
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    As much as I enjoy my Vita, I guess it's finally time for it to end. 6 years isn't too bad for a console run. I got most of the games I wanted on the Vita, and the ones I want are already out, so I can just order it off Amazon.

    As someone who loves physical copies, I still understand why Sony is dropping out of physical copies for the Vita. The console has been basically dead for awhile, and it doesn't seem financially feasible for a company to continue making physical copies of games for a console that has little to no developer or consumer support anymore. It's basically what happened to the PSP at the end of its life, and why some games, like Trails in the Sky SC got a digital only release a couple of years ago.
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    I traded my vita and 3ds in to partly pay for the psvr. I dont really do handheld gaming much. though i did just get a raspberry pi gameboy model but thats for portable retro gaming.

    I think sony nailed it wih the vita as far as form and function combined. however i think they hurt themselves by not having dual analog sticks on the original psp. If they had the dual sticks on the psp i think they would have seriously threatened the nintendo ds and later 3ds lineup. In reality the single nub hurt gameplay more then help. At least thats how i remember my time with the psp. Which i still have by the way - its still next to this computer desk im typing on right now :)

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