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    Part 9: Fate
    Danny met us in the hall as we walked from the courtyard to the library. The Mistress was sort with him, telling him what happened with Scarlet before motioning for him to take Ronald from Naomi, “Naomi needs to focus on current events here, not on the child who can wait for now, take care of him.”

    Naomi doesn’t agree at first, but is persuaded otherwise, and with Ronald asleep again—from what they discussed—he will be fine awaking in front of Danny who’s feminine enough that he wouldn’t cause Ronald to feel uneasy, or so he says.

    We depart from Danny and enter the Library a short time later, home to our local book worm...Brain, or Erin.

    Planting myself in the lazyboy in front of Erin’s desk within the library where he spends his time doing research. It’s honestly been awhile since I’ve been in here. Over the past few years many changes have come to this grand room, it’s a circular tower of sorts standing at the back of the funeral home and containing more books than the library at our own school—with three floors. Around me, multiple bookshelf’s encircling his desk.

    He watches me as my dad comes forward from a back room with a flashlight in hand. Turning the top, I cover my eyes as he shines the LED at the center of my forehead. Moments pass and he backs up. Uncovering my eyes, he shuts off the light “Same as always, your taint is completely gone...”

    “Is that the corruption you told us about last week?” Naomi asks sitting in the seat next to me while he makes eye contact and answers her.

    “Yes, and what we were going to do was purify her Third Eye. You saw Paul’s eye, you’re able to see everyone’s eye. You remember what we told you about Paul turning into a Husk, that is because of the taint, because of that guilt someone has. We can purify a small amount here and there, but unless the persons thinking changes, the taint comes right back, and any guilt will cause it.”

    So Naomi is here to further understand this, clear things the rest of us already do. “I do have questions about earlier though, Mistress.” I interrupt finding the current topic unimportant. She knits her brow at my request.

    “That is not something you need to know.”

    “Withholding information again, that’s new.” Erin says sarcastically, pulling a cigar box off the desk.

    “Now is not the time for that,” My father replies, grabbing the old cigar box from Erin’s hands. Opening it, he reveals several crystals, quartz, most are black, while some in a separate compartment are clear. Pulling one from the clear compartment he holds it still for us all to see, “We use these to store the taint. It’s that simple.” He places the crystal back, closing the box and handing it back to Erin who in turns places it in his desk, “not that hard to understand at all. We were going to show you how but my daughter is young, her thoughts constantly changing and her personality in constant flux. I’m not surprised by her not needing to be purified.”

    “Uneventful as it may be, that is information Naomi needs to know about.” The Mistress adds, “keeping your thoughts consistent is key to keep the Third Eye pure.”

    She soaking all of this in, her eyes keen on the Mistress, her mouth slightly ajar I laugh, but now to press the Mistress about earlier, about Rebecca and that accent of hers. “Who is Rebecca?” I ask plainly and my Father perks up.

    “You told them her name?”

    “More like told her, her name.” I answer, “Scarlet was too clingy with Ronald and the Mistress yelled at her, calling her Rebecca instead of Scarlet which I can only assume is her actual name. And you knew to, Dad?”

    He only shakes his head, “yes, but we chose not to tell her. I had this same conversation with your cousin earlier,” he glaces at her as she gives a wary smile, my glare to her for learning this before me causes a sigh. “Telling a ghost details about their death creates false memories and could lead to a husk, she needs to remember herself...that being said this is all we know about her. Her name is Rebecca, not Scarlet and we’re not sure why she likes to be called Scarlet.”

    Remaining still the Mistress watches me, “Mike is right, so if she shows up do continue to call her Scarlet, it was my mistake to let her name slip.”

    “And that accent.” I bark back, “where is that from, I can’t say I recognize it at all.

    “Her accent only shines when she is generally pissed.” It’s from her grandparents who immigrated over here and still spoke the language of where she came from. Now I’m not defending Mary for hiding her accent but she wanted to speak clearly to all of you...what a kind gesture that we never got.”

    “Thank you Mike, but I prefer answering questions when they are directed towards me.”

    “You aren’t good at articulating yourself to the students, part of why my sister hated you.”

    “Do not start with that again, we have already discussed those issues in private. The children need not know of them.”

    “You withheld information from her…” Going mute, my dad lets out an irritated growl. “You are stupid to continue this, to think that you don’t need to tell us because it’s not concerning at the time.”

    Lifting myself out of my seat, I have some sense of leverage at this moment. Information we have they they don’t, being mature as I am, I’m not going to hold onto it. Clearing my throat, all eyes fall on me. “Keeping secrets is never good, and we—your students,” I glace at the Mistress now, “have a small secrets of our own.”

    “Fate...” Naomi hesitates, in stopping me, or is she, I’m not entirely sure from her blank expression. “If you think we’d be that harshly punished by her, then you took what my Sister said literally.”

    My dad, pinching the bridge of his nose looks down on me, his eyes are light with furry, “Mary, I don’t want my kids following this asinine logic of keeping things hidden, didn’t my sister teach you anything?”

    “She was teaching me a lesson?” Mistress Mary answers in return, her tone sounding like a comment from Erin. With all her flaws being here, Naomi has stir Mistress Mary in a peculiar way that she’s being less formal, and more direct.


    My father says no more, leaving on that last word. Hot headed as he maybe, I’m the same. Though once the doors are closes to the library, and my dad gone, I bring my face upon the Mistress. “Tom, my sister, Erin and Naomi all know this, we discussed it earlier.”

    “What is ‘this’,” The Mistress asks.

    “A woman appeared,” Erin answers, taking the rains, “a woman in a torn white trench coat like something out of movies. Tom and Hope witnessed her.”

    The Mistress hands fidgets, something I’ve never see her do before, but her expression is flat, “when was this?”

    “When grandma died,” Naomi tells her, “they said they were suppose to prevent Husks from getting to Grandma Kala because of her Harmony releasing...or something along those lines.” her eyes drift down to her hands, but I give her a pleasing look and she smiles lightly.

    “The woman was able to disperse all the Husk herself, we know nothing else...”

    “But you know something, Erin tells the Mistress, “well, more secretes or will you tell us?”

    She closes her eyes, shaking her head, more new motions I’ve never see her do before. “Someone who can deal with a large amount of Husks like that, it can only be Sophia.” Erin leans forward as if wanting to add more but sits back, waiting as we all now are for the Mistress to continue, to reveal the secrete.

    “I keep information from my students,” She starts pacing, her cane tapping the wood floor creating a dull thud. “Now is as good as time as any to explain Full Harmony, and why you must not experiences that.” Her eyes glue to me, “your hair turning that color is the precursor to Full Harmonization.”

    “Who is Sophia first, is she who they saw at Devil’s Reservoir?” Erin’s question is on point, can’t say I would want to hear something new when she’s passing over a different topic.

    “That is not certain, as I was not there and her looks is different...let me finish before you interrupt again, I assure you what I tell you all will tie with Sophia.” Even though Erin was the only one talking we all agree.

    “Yes, Mistress.”

    “Right,” The Mistress begins, “When reaching Full Harmony the body will naturally emit your harmony. Useful as that might be, it comes with a cost, that being constant strain on your mentality. Your thoughts will become more infrequent, you lose all logic and slowly devolve into what Sophia became. I once knew her well.” She starts. “Sophia was an orphan living in town and she was fascinated by moths. She loved watching them at night flocking around the candle flame which she watched over during those unbearable winters.”

    Where is she going with this, just get to the point...

    “Tending to her as best I could, one night I found that she was nothing but skin and bones, yet her Third Eye stayed clear, she had no taint at all, through all of her hardships that led her to that point. Sophia Autumn.

    Her last name I gave her for two reasons, it was autumn when I met her, and her hair, was beautiful, the colors of the falling leaves around us. We became quick friends while I nursed her back to health.

    At the time I knew nothing of anything that was going on, I could see the third eye and instinctively I knew all about that, but overall I was as inexperienced as you all are now.

    “Listening to some boring history lesson isn’t what I want out of this, what is your point, Mistress.” I erupt, “we gave you information, give us the same, that’s how you operate, information for information. Is that the only way to get answers from you...I sure won’t have the same weakness when I take over.”

    “I swear you children have halved my life.” Sighing she does get to the point now, “A forth kind of Husk...a Soul Husk. Sophia became this after sometime being Fully Harmonized, only now do I recognize that mistake. Fate, you hair becoming pink tells me you can reach this state, and I am telling you to not allow it, you can withhold it, and so to, preventing yourself from becoming a Soul Husk.

    “I wonder if that’s the color of the soul…” Naomi asks, as I laugh at her comment even though I have to agree with her even if the question came out of the blue, it does make sense. I can’t deny what I saw in my sister either, her eyes flared a pink hue.

    Erin remains motionless, but asks about the Soul Husk, “what makes it different that what we’ve already seen?”

    Not breaking her current stride, she turns, pacing the opposite way in front of Erin’s desk. “Ironic that she liked fire even though it killed her parents. She went missing sometime after the Harmonization. It was not till years later that in December of ‘67 I met up with her and saw the aftermath of that regret, of her continuing regret which I was unaware of.” I see Erin perk up while the Mistress smiles, liking that she got Erin’s attention. “What is on your mind?”

    Erin answers with his almost infinite knowledge of the mundane. “I can think of only one major thing happening that year with a mythical being, rather a monster. Are you referring to the Silver Bridge collapse?”

    She nods, holding out a steady palm, willing Erin to continue. “The Silver Bridge once connected Point Pleasant, West Virginia with Gallipolis, Ohio over the Ohio River and was built in 1928. On December 15, 1967 during the rush hour and heavy traffic on the bridge it collapsed killing forty-six people. Now going off of what the Mistress is saying, some have speculated that a creature known as the Mothman caused the collapse. Rather was the harbinger of that incident.”

    “Your text book knowledge is like no other,” the Mistress comments, “that is precisely what happened, and is why I fear that Fate will turn out like that. Only difference is she keeps gaining and loosening taint.” She now approach me. Grabbing my chin to hold my face in position so she can get a good look at my Third Eye. “The only reason for the eye to become untainted is for you to change your thoughts, so is everything in this world so foreign to you that you have come to the conclusion that nothing matters? It’s rare for anyone to have such a pure eye, yet yours is as clean as Sophia’s was back then.”

    Gazing into her old eyes, I can’t understand what she is getting at, but me turning into a creature that would hurt others. I’d never do that. I don’t know what I changed about me to cause my taint to come and go even… “Mistress you even said at our young age our minds are constantly changing, that is why my taint is vanishing.”

    “That is true to an extent, but taint always remains, for someone to be completely pure is rather unheard of.” the Mistress pulls her hand from my chain. Taint is different, it’s sanity and yours is pure. It is as if you are ignoring your sanity.”

    “I’m not someone who follows, if I know it can be prevented than I won’t allow it.” I reply, getting slightly annoyed that the Mistress believes my mind is constantly clear and contains no taint.

    “Mistress,” Naomi speaks up, “if what you say about Mothman is true, what about other creatures like Big Foot, or…” Her interrupting the conversation is welcomed.

    Soul Husks are classified as mythical creatures, good to know, but some, like Big Foot are tame, not all Soul Husks are bad then?”

    “Correct, but I do not want Fate and Hope, even you Naomi, taking that chance...Hope can know about your hair, there is no point hiding it any longer, Tom too.” She responses. “Now is that enough for tonight, is there anything more?”

    Her sight moves from Erin, to Naomi, than I before back on Erin who I can tell is pondering a few more questions. The Mistress notices as I have and quietly says, “one last question, out with it.”

    “What is concerning me about what my brother and Hope saw is that I saw it too, well the flames, purple, and you disregarded that it was a human form, a female...”

    “I did not disregard it, I only see that as an unlikely coincidences.”

    “You say that like you think it’s something different and purposely told us an unrelated story to get us off your back.”

    “How astute of you.” She answers me with a hiss, “how ever unlikely it will be for you to meet her, I can not help but think a woman named Marie Mayflower is behind that. Her abilities are visible to the naked eye, that is why you saw it, but why she has shown up is beyond me. I knew her way back when, before Sophia but that is all.”

    We’re all silent as the Mistress proudly taps her cane on the wood flooring again, “with that silliness out of the way, I expect you all to act as you have been...and sorry Naomi, my students are never this rude.”

    “No need to apologies, I am happy to learn more, and their behavior is not hindering me, I’m glad to learn and hear about my mother every now and again. I’ll be visiting Danny.”

    “I’ll be going to than, thank you Mistress for being straight with us.”

    “I wouldn’t call that straight...lets talk again though, truthfully. I have research to do with this knowledge so give me sometime, we’ll get back to this...don’t forget Mistress Mary.”

    She smiles, in acceptances, more gestures I find awkward coming for her, something feels off. But given me permission to talk to my sister about my hair is joyful, I can stop cutting my hair—I think.

    “I don’t want to see you turn into a monster,” Pausing as I’m exiting the library, Naomi stands tall over me, gazing down her nose, “you’re scary but don’t become a true monster.”

    “Are you scared of them?” I ask and she breaks eye contact.

    “It’s not my place to say, but you have some odd behaviors and I’m worried about you.”

    “Don’t be Sleeping Beauty, I have enough people looking down on me, both figuratively and literally,” I glare up at her, not needing that pep talk, “worry about yourself, as will I, myself.”
    2,878 Words

    And thus I am done rewriting the cluster f*ck it once was, with way too many characters at once. It looks much better and I shaved about 1,000 words from it.
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    Part 10: Hope
    Running my fingers though my own mid-back length hair Tom pokes my cheek, awaking me from my daze, “It shouldn’t bother you all that much, that hag keeps secrets...though you Fate isn’t right either.

    “Neither of them are, Fate is acting more and more like the Mistress, ever since that stupid decision to have her take over.”

    I stop, tracking Ronald who is enjoying himself as he runs up and down the hall. “Nothing, only that he was sick. That along with knowing it’s been three years since his class graduated, we’re relying on very stale information from the current year of seniors.”

    “Probably doesn’t help that we’re freshmen, they must think we’re crazy.”

    “We probably are, the stuff we’ve seen...”

    “Making light of this isn’t helping, we need to help Ronald and group up with my sister and Naomi before they do something stupid. I doubt Naomi would but Fate wants to deal with Paul, she’s had that determined look in her eyes since yesterday night.”

    I’ve been able to see Ronald more clearly, his flames burning bright but on the other end, a sad presents is about him, even if he doesn’t know it. “I feel as if he is denying himself of moving on.”

    “Paul or Ronald?”

    “Ronald,” I answer, “He is suppose to be seventeen, eighteen…it doesn’t matter but he’s suppose to be older, yet he appeared to Naomi as a child,” Reaching down as he dashes back to us, passed us, but I catch him and try to calm him down, he makes no noise and all I have to go on is his figure, “his regret is keeping him from moving on, and his denial is keeping him from remembering his regret.”

    He calms quickly enough as Tom and I walk towards the lunchroom, our period started not too long ago and we’ve been asking seniors as we pass them in the halls, yesterday, the same way, but with nothing gained.

    “When was the lesson on ghosts?”

    Shaking my head at his stupidity I glare at him, “pay more attention during our practices, not all of them are head to head combat or is that when you drift off and stop paying attention...”

    “I got it, sweetheart, as we were, we have two weeks, one at most to figure this out...”

    “Don’t call me that...and that is what the Mistress said about Paul, not Ronald.”

    Tom grows silent for a bit, trying to pick his brain for any shred of knowledge related to what has been told to us over the past few days, regarding Paul and Ronald both. “the brat was killed by his father...perhaps even Paul’s decent is tied with Ronald appearing as he has.”

    Tom can be as smart as Erin sometimes, he just never uses his brain as much, smiling at him, I ask, “You think we’re ready to be even remotely involved in this kind of case, my Dad was pretty annoyed that the Mistress would even suggest it to us.”

    “The old hag can go die,” He answers as I expect him to do. “Any who, with how dry the trail has been, maybe we could call the graduated class of last year, something that might help.” He laughs, “Probably still living with their parents.”

    “Wouldn’t surprise me,” He can lighten the mood even as a lame attempt to break the tension and our frustration, “I doubt they are as poorly educated as you.”

    “I’m doing fine, I have a C average, passing.”

    “Glad you’re at least thinking…”

    Rounding the corner to the hall that will lead us straight to the lunchroom. My sight hinders me, blurring as over the past few days I’ve felt my sight getting stronger, but having such a crowed always causes my head to spin. Handling this new ability as best I can, I have yet to mention it to anyone, and I try not to draw his attention, yet Tom’s gray figure is calming to gaze at in the noise I see from the crowds of the student body here, taking notice of my peculiar behavior, he asks, “If you aren’t feeling well I can take you to the nurse.”

    “I’m fine.” Being in a crowded school will help me learn and focus, possibly. I can’t sense beyond walls yet…only feeling the numerous bodies. I know they’re there. Resting my eyes, I begin hearing of ghouls and ghost from a familiar voice coming from an exceedingly large group that have gathered. Most in the group are mumbling things.

    “That can’t happen,” a boy mentions

    “Halloween is a long ways off...”

    “Miia!” I hear Tom say as I disregard my irritation and step forward. “What are you up to now?”

    She sounds pleased as we push our way through the crowed, my dizziness the least of our problems at the moment.

    “You just missed them.” Her figure looks relaxed, as she tells us this, “What can I do for you two...” A smile appears within the figure as she comes forward, leaning over the table as other students being to disperse, already having took the newspaper she is handing out and that Tom is currently holding and reading. “You holding that ghost,” she whispers to me.

    “What…what is this,” Tom asks confused. Talking for my eyes, he reads aloud some of the article in the issue of the Voice that Miia wrote before stopping, “This isn’t funny!”

    “It’s not supposed to be,” Miia talks quietly, “As a reporter I’m suppose to report the news.”

    “No, you’re screwing with Sleeping Beauty. She’s new, we’re all trying to get along and the situation at home isn’t the greatest. Toying with her while at school is borderline psychotic. We know you’ve been interested in us…”

    “Now isn’t the time Tom,” I tell him holding out an arm, feeling Tom approaching Miia in a hostile manner. “Don’t forget you haven’t been much help in that department either. None of us has tried to be friends with her, yet you have...”

    “I gave you guys nicknames...” He retorts to which I bat him in the chest.

    “Still not helping.” Steadying myself, I make sure Ronald is still. He just fell asleep, I don’t want him waking to us arguing.

    Miia giggles with uncertainty, “My actions are poor, but we all want to help her, right?”

    “This isn’t helping,” Tom tells her.

    Walking around the table, I stand a hair taller than her. Looking down on her, I tell her just how wrong she is, “She trusted you to not publicize this. She’s not the greatest people’s person but she consoled in you. You’ve betrayed her, and us for that matter, we don’t have the best relationship either but you are so damn noisy.”

    “I’m sorry...” Miia answers, but it’s a weak answer, “am I suppose to say that?”

    A growl comes from Tom as he walks away, but comes back quickly. “Then you understand?” He ask, she’s begun rustling papers of her own, packing up the newspaper she’s wanting the school to read. She’s not supposed to know anything, Naomi’s at fault but this is every bit on us as it is her. We should have taken more precautions when dealing with her brother and dealing with her in general. I’m beginning to worry what will come of all of us. The Mistress says it’s a breath of fresh air, but I see this as a wedge. “Miia, you have information, you’re a journalist, and maybe you can be of some use to us. What do you know of a Ronald Westly?”

    Tom feels shocked that I’d be so upfront about our situation but I don’t want bad blood over something like this, maybe Naomi is right, we just need to trust Miia.

    “You can’t be serious Hope,” he grabs my shoulder and spins me around so we’re not facing Miia. Talking in hushed voices, “the Mistress is going to have our hides if we ask Miia,” he now emphasizes her name, “for help.”

    Frowning I turn myself around. I’m taking a gamble just as Naomi has, I hope it pays off with her. “What can you tell us of Ronald?”

    She smiles as I concentrate on her harmony, and I begin to make her spirit out, even the black sliver of her smile that I saw earlier within the slowly intensifying off-colored rose flames. Which is new, and eerier, but I can see indents for eyes on some figures, so why not. “He was sick most of the last year he was here at school, his father murder him but because he’s underage his records aren’t for the general public. His father was found not guilty and was released from prison after the trial ended a year ago. This was all three years ago.” Smug with her response she sits back in her chair, “the bell rang.”

    Taking in the information she stands up herself, finishing cleaning the table of her left over newspapers.

    “Well thanks, just stop giving Sleeping Beauty troubles.” Tom tells her.

    “She doesn’t like to be called that you know,” Miia responds.

    “He’s not going to listen, he started calling me Sweetheart.”

    “Wanna tell me why Ronald is a kid?” Miia now asks about to take off and I shake my head. “Worth a shot…”

    “You told us Fate and Naomi dropped by, where they go? Did you tell them the same?”

    “Naomi remained behind Fate while she questioned me, I never thought she liked her.”

    “That doesn’t matter right now,” Tom looks around, then back to Miia, “where did they go?”

    “Back to what Fate said to tell you.”

    I freeze up, I know exactly what my sister is thinking right now, and Tom looks startled as well, but I can’t say I wasn’t expecting something like this. “They went to find Paul.” I saw aloud for both of us.

    “Damn it!” Tom yells a bit loud, causing a teacher to yell at him, “damn it,” he says again but with a slight laugh within it.

    My blank expression returns too normal as I glare at Miia. That may not be her fault but now, now this is, “You don’t by chance know where Ronald’s father lives do you? Did you tell them that?” There is no response from here and I sigh, taking off down the hall, a brisk pace at first but transitioning into running.

    Ronald awake, he is now clinging onto my shirt as I begin sprinting, Tom follows my lead, “we’re going after them!” Strain in my voice, and Tom is on the same page as me as we both race down the hall away from Miia.

    Though the halls and down the hill to the lower lot parking, which is next to the football field and where Tom has the van parked since we don’t take the bus, yet as we get to the lot, Tom taking my free arm for easier maneuvering around the vehicles, he tenses up.

    “They took the van…I can’t believe this, they freaking took my van!” Tom drops my arm and continues to rant as I stare off in the distances. “We can’t do anything and your phones dead?”

    “Sadly,” I tell him, “and yours?”

    “Broke a few weeks back. Why didn’t you tell me Fate got her license sooner, and that she had a spare key.”

    “And how am I suppose to know she would do something so reckless…this is your department.” I tell him, annoyed with both him and my sister. “She knows better.”

    “Well it’s evident that she doesn’t.”

    Her voice chimes from behind us and as we spin, she’s smiling and I hear keys jingling, “I want to help you guys, but only one of you can come with me, I own a chopper.”

    “Miia, you’re not suppose to be involved in any of this…” Tom shouts and I turn on him, holding my arms out, yet again to prevent Tom from getting too riled up, Ronald struggling a bit in my other arm.

    “The Mistress gave you a job, do it, solve why Ronald lost his memories. I’m going after my sister.”

    “Hell no, why are you being so bossy. I’m going with her.”

    “No you aren’t, you’re going to argue with Fate when you get there and cause her to do something stupid, you are staying here and your are going to figure out Ronald’s memory loss.”

    Still fuming, he grows agitated, suggestion something else, “we could just take the bike from her and both go…”

    My brows knitting and my thin smile turns into a frown I hand Ronald off to Tom, “do your job, when we feel like it, we’ll come back for you.”

    Walking away I stand next to Miia who has parted from us during our argument. She gives me a light smile, “Never seen you so upset before, I’ve see your sister, but you, your always calm.”

    “Where is the chopper?’ I ask, not in a very talkative mood and she takes my hand, leading me a ways toward the far end of the lot. Tom has remained back, probably bewildered by what to do with Ronald, but even he needs to learn, he’s always been a brute, now its his time to learn to be sensitive.

    She places my hand on the seat where I am to sit. Happy I wore spats under my skirt today. She takes a seat in front of me and I’m a bit surprised that such a small girl would want a chopper and she feels my curiosity, “just think of it as compensating.” She says with a giggle, “here take this,” and hands me a helmet. “Rather you be safe than I…I only have one helmet, it’s not often I have two people on Little Sue. Now, hold on to my waist and don’t get to frisky.”

    The choke turned, the chopper hums to life and Miia turns the throttle, lunging me back, as I frantically grab a hold of her waist, not expecting her to start so suddenly. But soon we’re out on the open road and a distance burst of laughter from Tom as he probably finds it funny the two of us on this bike. Having no prior experience on a copper, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s hard to hear anything now that we’re speeding along.

    A calm ride, with me only screaming once or twice, I’m scared but I feel Miia knows what she is doing way better than I think. We’ve got to the highway already and over the rush of the wind she has been explaining to me where they live and that Paul’s wife actually committed suicide after Ronald was born for reasons unknown.

    But half way though our ride I have to ask her to slow down, a strange presents have come into view, two spirits I can clearly see unlike Miia’s dimly lit figure. They’re walking calmly along the highway, one tall and muscular while the other in a wheelchair being pushed.

    “We can’t go this slow forever, what’s going on?” she asks after some time has past and we’ve long since passed the two, I wonder if Miia even saw them. Squeezing her tighter I tell her to take off and we’re back to cruising speed.

    “ETA, probably half hour, they’re on the outskirts of the city.” She says quietly, but loud enough for me to hear over the rush of the wind.

    “Keep going.” I tell her, not wanting her to think she can get out of this now, she doesn’t seem scared but she should be, I know I am, we’re in a mess and we need all the help we can get even though I have no idea what she can help with. “I’ll make arrangements with Mistress Mary, maybe she’ll let you in on our team…maybe.”

    She looks over her shoulder as best she can, while still paying attention to the road. I see her indentations from her eyes and a smile on her face, “I’d like that.” She says warmly. “I want to be friends with Naomi, but I guess I screwed up pretty badly.”

    “We all have.” I reply, “we’ll make amends after this if all goes well, she may need you more then Fate and I.”

    She nods and goes back to steering, both of us feeling much more better than we have been and I can tell because Miia’s spirit is shining brighter than ever. It means how alive she is, but I feel it also means how happy the person is because Miia seems really happy now that I’ve told her what I have.

    Feeling a warming sensation I hug her, not constricting her like before and she wiggles a bit as if making her self more comfortable and acknowledging my gentle touch.
    2,812 Words

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    Part 11: Fate
    Rock music playing on the radio, Naomi turns the dial to shut off the music. Glancing at her, she still appears afraid and withdrawn. This is annoying. “You didn’t have to follow me…”

    “I am following you because I am worried about you, Uncle Mike told us not to involved ourselves with Mr. Westly.”

    “You are not worried?” I ask turning the question on her and trying to put the radio back on.

    Hesitating, she stutters on her own words. “I am, frankly. I haven't been around here long, but why is it so important to you to impress the Mistress?”

    Pondering her words, the answer comes to my tongue, “she’s a roll model and I want her to be impressed. All my life she’s been hard on us, never once showing any sliver of admiration toward any of us, sure she’d congratulate us but never would I call that impressed. I haven't earned being her replacement and this will make up for that.”

    “You are willing to risk your life...but I do not have the right to say that.”

    “Nope,” I say, switching the radio back on, “but you’re going to learn.” I try my best to sound excited for her. A nervous chuckle come from her as my eyes dart to the emergency lane next to us. “Are you seeing what I am?” I ask her.

    “The man and wheelchair?” She answers my question, “why are they on the highway?”

    “Lets find out.” Radio off, emergency lights on, we pull past him and park. Naomi is out first, clearly eager to help. Opening the door, I notice how barren the highway is, almost like a wasteland but that’s just the time of day—we’re suppose to be in school right now and most people don’t get off of work till later.

    Walking to him, I see there is someone in the wheelchair. The man behind is very muscular, his outfit is taunt. A red dress shirt and a black overcoat with the collar up. A white tie and a gold cross decorates his lapel. His expression is menacing as he grins behind his small green framed sunglasses. His gray hair is slicked back into a ponytail.

    The girl in the wheelchair before him has a less sinister look, rather tame, her eyes are close and her mouth only slightly apart, she’s dressed as a nun and calmly tilts her head back to the man, “they entered, Father.” Her voice soft, and hard to hear, she looks to be no older than thirteen.

    Naomi is silent, and backs off so she is standing a bit behind me, taking the lead I ask if they need help, not quite understanding what we entered. “Are you a Father of a church...”

    “Indeed they have Sister.” The man replies back, his voice higher pitched than I would have thought for such a burly man. They completely ignored my question.

    Naomi looks confused and so do I, “What do you mean entered?”

    “We mean no harm, we’re just a traveling Father and Sister…We’re not tied to any one church.” He tells us and Naomi giggles which gets a toothy grin from the Father.

    “Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got somewhere to be.” The Sister adds as the man wheels her forward.

    The Father laughs, “It will take us a while longer, but we’ll get their. Best head home you two.”

    They’re a good ways away from us as the traffic picks up with a roar. A bit stunned by the suddenness I walk back to the car, and so to does Naomi, her voice sounds concerned as she speaks upon sitting. “It’s like they knew what we were up to.”

    “I doubt it, there are so many crazy people around the city, and they were probably homeless or something.”

    “No…did you not see the nun, her eyebrows were pink. Her Eye, covered by the habit but was pure. Same goes for that man, his eye above his brow.” She points to above her left brow.

    Believing her, I start the engine, then waiting a time before entering the left lane and continuing our drive. Heavy footed as we make our way to where Miia told us that Mr. Westly lives. Just on the outskirts of Milwaukee, the largest city closets to Kaso, we find his residents in a secluded section of the suburbs. A blue two story home, white trim and a the look of a home built years ago, something out of the fifties if not later.

    Both of us gaze at the home from the van’s window, his lawn overgrown, and multiple limbs piled in the yard from a few clearly dead trees that overlook his property. “This is it,” I say aloud, “So, let me go over what the plan is,” and I smile, “You’ll be doing a Dive.”

    “What?” She questions, her voice louder then usual, “what do you mean?”

    “We’ll get him to focus on the Ronald, we need to ask him about his son and get his thoughts thinking of him only.”

    She grows fidgety, her hands starting to fumble with each other, “slow down, a Dive is something you should be doing? I do not know how to.”

    Tightening my hands on the wheel I gaze out at the house, past Naomi as I explained my reasoning, “I am stronger than you, you can’t say I’m not. You need to Dive because if I do and a Husk shows up it could draw other Husks and you won’t be able to defend my body and his, our minds will get intertwined and we’d be screwed. You are Diving for that reason, and I’ll guard you guys.”

    “ do I Dive?” she asks, accepting the answer with wariness.

    “Your Eye,” I point to my forehead but she points to her left shoulder, rising the short sleeve to reveal her bare skin, “ that to his Eye and clear your mind don’t think of anything and your Eyes will react, as long as your mind is clear you will be able to enter his mind.

    Accepting all of this, she follows along, “what else.”

    Takes me a moment but she is serious about this, soaking in every word I smile, “The plan is this, once we get him focused, we’ll leave the room and toss in this sleeping gas,” I pull out a small marble shaped ball, “breaking this with a hard enough force can put him to sleep in a few minutes, we just need to make sure he stays in the room for that time...was easy with Miia, she sat on hers and the others got a dose because the door was wide open.”

    Reminiscing she poster changes, once again nervous, “don’t worry, it’s harmless. How long it lasts depends on how long we need it, and I have some smelling salts to wake him.”

    “And the Dive, what do I do during it? Would it not be better for me to use the Splash?”

    “Splash?” I question, you mean when entering the Eye, the further away the Splash is the further back the memory, don’t go to far back or else you vanish...”

    “I’m talking about what happens when you Dive, when you entered Miia’s Eye I heard her thoughts, her memories from the Splash, Mistress told me what it was when I talked with her, but she said you guys are unable to see that yet...”

    I’m speechless as I tuck my hair behind my ear to better hear her, and to express my annoyances, “the reverse Splash that you’re talking about won’t work, we’re not able to interact with them as we are doing a physical Dive. If this all works he won’t remember us when all is done, he won’t even remember his son but that’s for the better. Forgetting a regret is best so one doesn’t dwell and fall into despair, which will turn them into a Husk.”

    “I do not like the idea of forgetting memories they are what make you who you are.”

    “Please don’t get philosophical with me, I don’t want another Erin bugging me with trivia and useless knowledge. Would you rather have hordes of Husk roaming around causing destruction? If we can solve the regret then all will be fine, he’ll keep his memories, but if we can’t, then we must destroy the memory so the regret never develops further.” I go quiet as I think everything though, trying to make sure I tell her everything she’ll need to know when she Dives so she doesn’t screw up.

    She’s still, absorbing everything I’m telling her, “I’ll give you my pocket watch, it will help you, by looking at the mirror you can see outside of his Eye.” I hand her the silver pocket watch. “You also need to remain emotionless while within his mind, any variation will cause your two minds to mix and you don’t want that, you’ll never be the same if that happens.”

    “I don’t want to do this.” She responds, taking hold of the gift.

    “You have to else we’ll need to fight a Husk.”

    Her reservations are fragile as she looks from the pocket watch to the house, “Lets get this over with.” Opening our doors, we leave the vehicle and begin trekking though the overgrown pathway.

    My sights on the sun still high in the sky, Naomi falls back, coming next to me so we’re shoulder to head—she’s a full head taller than I. “Why is the mirror cracked?” She asks.

    “When we left Miia, we had to leave in a rush so we used the mirror instead of the normal method...normally we would need someone on the outside to place our Eyes together again, but using the mirror takes us directly to the physical mirror and back to our own body. It will still work if you need to go that route, but I doubt it.” To leave just draw your Harmony and look at your Eye, or the Mirror and concentrate.”

    She nods, her gazing at the mirror in hand.

    Just looking at her, I can tell her mind is mulling all this over, and I do have one last tidbit of information for her to soak in, “lastly, if his thoughts run astray, think of Ronald, we may not know much about him but Mr. Westly mind will fill in the blanks and stabilize his thoughts, but you have to concentrate hard for it to work efficiently. You are Marisa’s daughter and what the Mistress told us about her, you are a natural.” It pains me to say this to her, “believe in yourself and if you feel an earthquake leave immediately.”

    She pauses just feet away from the stoop as I have already climbed them, “earthquake?” her question is irritating and I look back at her.

    “If he wakes, that’s what will signal you to leave. Come on then.” Backtracking, I hold a hand to her, “I know we can take this on.” A sliver of a smile appears as she takes my guiding hand and follows me up the steps of Mr. Westly home. Knocking at the door which is painting similarly, a screen door in front of a solid wooden door we wait for him.
    1,883 Words

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    Random music this time. I listened to a lot while editing and writing this post. Previous draft was 1,723 words.
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    Part 12: Naomi
    “Go on now, ring the door bell,” she tells me, we have waited for sometime and have not heard sounds from within “we can’t sit out here, we do have to hurry.” She pushes me forward while not all that gentle and I stumble on my feet, falling headlong into the frame of the door.

    She begins laughing where I rub my forehead and feel a bump forming. Standing with an irritated expression as the door squeaks open, the hinges obviously not having been oiled in quite some time. This place is the most rundown thing I have ever seen.

    Paul meets us with a dumbfounded smirk. He seems in a good mood, as he sets a book aside, on a nearby hutch. His hair untrimmed, well poorly at best, and a ragged beard. Tired emerald eyes look upon us, but hidden behind reading glasses, the right lens cracked like ice from one side then jetting in multiple directs from the epicenter to the ends of the frame.

    “Who are you,” he mumbles, his speech slurred making his speech that much harder to understand. The scent of alcohol on his breath. “Why did you ram my door?”

    “Sorry sir,” I shy away. Rubbing my head and backing into Fate. She places her hand on my back to steady me and calm in her own subtle way.

    “Sorry to inconvenient you, Mr. Westly, but we’re from the Kaso Funeral Home, you had asked Mistress Mary to help you out and she’s sent us, we’re here to hear your concerns,” Fate fires her pitch at Paul who expresses wariness while looking down at his door, the spot in particular which I hit.

    “By ramming my door,” he jokes but it falls flat. Looking at each other, she shrugs, as do I.

    “I’m so sorry!” I answer, being courteous as can be, bowing to him leaves the door, the hollow halls of his home open to us.

    “I don’t get many visitors...come on in.” His voice just as hallow as I hear a can open, when we do enter, he’s standing besides the hutch, a twelve pack of beer laying there, and he just grabbed one. Fate closes the door, while I take a look around from where I stand, a large foyer leads to stairs and beyond that what looks like a kitchen, I can see a fridge. Tile flooring and half a table in the room beyond. Mr. Westly takes a long sip from the can, his eyes shut, yet his Third eye a glow with Taint.

    When he does stop, and open his eyes, he remains in his newly refreshed drunken stupor, his eyes only half watching us he looks surprised as if he never invited us in, or he forgot that he had. But that suspicion diminishes as he walks away from us, finding a comfy seat on a red sofa to our right. Unlike outside, inside looks clean as a whistle. To our left, stairs, which lead to a balcony, that over looks the foyer. A nice chandler hanging down lighting the room while to the right, Mr. Westly, the hutch stationed against the backside of the couch. Staring into the room we both enter, as if he silently told us to join him here.

    We do not sit, that being the only couch in this room. A television along the wall which has the kitchen on the other side, and the television an old one, where we have flat screens at home, this is a tube screen. Static plays and I wonder if it has been on this whole time. A shiver runs down my spine as Fate speaks up, “would you tell us some about yourself, why do you feel unwell.”

    His dull eyes gaze at Fate as a sliver of a smile forms, “I killed my son, how the hell am I suppose to be feeling?”

    While taken aback, Fate remains stern and he does not look surprised as if he was trying to drives us away, but we knew that already. Chugging the rest of the beer, he tosses the can to the ground and stands, “Follow me.”

    Flipping a switch as we all get to the top of the stairs, the hallway has two lights hanging down that probably once looked nice, but has since had the shades stripped from them. Some stuff looks nice such as a few pictures hanging on the walls. One a very pretty woman in a wedding dress, her smiling brimming of pure joy. The others, one of Mr. Westly with the woman, and the woman holding a babe. She must be his wife...

    While he continues forward down the right hall, I stop Fate, whispering to her, “That is his wife. Why would he be so depressed when she looks so happy?”

    “That is why we’re here Nao,” She nudges me forward now, “To learn his guilt. Time changes people, and events happen. You should know that.”

    But I feel her shivers as she looks back at the portrait a while longer when Mr. Westly peeks his head out of a room at the far end of the hallway and look to us, “she’s a beauty right? Liz was my dream girl, we went to prom together.” He talked quietly, now withdrawing himself back into the room and I look to Fate for guidance.

    Grabbing my arm as she pushes her way around me, I am forced to follow her, I can feel her inpatients but I cannot help that. I am afraid of doing the Dive still. She leads me to where he is at further down the hall and we enter a bright room.

    At the far end of the room, a large bay window and a bed built in, all overlooking the current overgrowth of the yard one story below. We find him sitting and staring at the pillows, where I’m sure his son use to sleep. We are caution as we cross the threshold and have our own look around.

    This is Ronald’s bedroom.

    White carpeting, to match the red furniture, a single red dresser on the right wall, a desk next to the door and in the center of the room, two beanbag chairs. I wondered why there were only a few pictures in the hall of him and his family, yet none of Ronald, but I now have my answer. On the walls, floor to ceiling, collages of photos containing his departed son.

    I open my mouth to speak but Fate jabs me in the stomach. “It’s apparent you loved your son, Mr. Westly, why kill him then?”

    An irritable grumble come from Mr. Westly as Fate takes a seat in one of the two beanbag chairs and I take mine in the normal wooden chair that is at the desk.

    “We come here to help you…”

    He stands now, “who asked two teen piss off’s to help me? Someone else is.”

    Fate frowns as she remains seated unshaken by his outburst. “You asked Mistress Mary to, and you let us into your home to help you,” she emphasizes the last few words, “that someone else can’t do as much as we can, that single person isn’t here now are they?”

    “Who are they again?” His speech patterns slip from anger to calm, he must be drunker than both Fate and I realize. He stands from the bed, a lasting scowl now on his face, taking both of us in, he turns back to the bed. “No one can help me,” he tells us.

    Fate and I exchange glaces before she continues, “Um...lets talk about him instead, what was he like?”

    His eyes glare at us as he tries to face us, but his movements are now sluggish, as he keels over, falling before us. Screaming, Fate isn’t as deterred as she rushes over and checks his pulse. “The idiots not dead yet, just out. Saves me the trouble of the sleeping gas.”

    Working alone, Fate flips over Mr. Westly, placing his head against the beanbag chair she was on earlier, she now motions for me to come forward. “Where did you say your Eye was again?”

    “My shoulder.”

    “Remember what we talked about, I’m sure you’ll do fine, you are your mothers child.” I get the feeling she is telling me that to make me feel better but I am shaking in my shoes as I kneel over him, his breath makes me what to turn away away but Fate catches me, placing a forceful hand on my back, “you won’t smell him inside now, be calm, lose all emotion and try to remain as such.”

    Leaning my left shoulder over Mr. Westly’s forehead, his eye blinks—at least I think it does—but the next moment I feel weightless as I plunge into the dark abyss of his mind. That darkness does not last as I am showered in millions of white specs like snowflakes, but as I decent, they become spaced out, further and further from each other. I hear voices and I head towards one.

    “That was smooth.” Fate’s voice chimes in as I the watch appears as a physical object before me, reflecting what Mr. Westly is seeing though his Third Eye.

    My mind begins swirling, I feel myself panicking as I notice I have no form, just emptiness but Fate answers in a calm voice, “about that, once you enter a memory, you’ll be in your Harmony.”

    Fate voice trailing out, I spec close to me sings, a female’s voice. My senses are assaulted as I feel the hot and humid air of summer, and I get the vague feeling that I have Dived before. Grandma Kala comes to mind and our flight over here, I must have done that by accident.

    The woman looking much younger, I instantly know it’s Liz—Mr. Westly’s wife. He is there as well, they are having a picnic. His beard trimmed, and hair combed, he looks like a handsome young man and he’s sitting at a picnic table under an apple tree in some park. Liz continues to sing her cheerful tune as she joyfully unpacks the food from the cooler when Mr. Westly brings out a small velvet box.

    He is proposing to her.

    In the back of my mind I feel like I am here, at this moment in time and I so do want to congratulate them, but much like when I was in my grandmother, I could not speak. But I can hear them, as Liz begins crying while covering her mouth with her hands. Keeping my mind blank is not as hard as I thought it would be. Still I feel Liz’s emotions, I am happy for her.

    “I know you want kids, and I want to be married to you but…” A pang of sadness leaves her voice.

    He stands, towering over her and smiling. “Even for a short time, if you’re happy nothing else matters, I’ve done researches and there is only a fifty percent chance our child will have Huntington’s. I’m...I’m willing to take that chance,” he says though a fresh set of tears streaming down his own eyes. Pulled from that memory, a new one encompasses me and leaving very little time for me to comprehend anything.

    “What is Huntington?” I ask the mirror but no response back.

    This new memory is stale, at least that how it feels, dull and a sense of hopelessness as I need to wonder the small room some before stopping at a hospital bed with Mr. Westly standing by the empty bed, his eyes filled with somberness as a faceless doctor enters the room with a crying infant in a blue blanket, “She unhooked her IV, she was weak as it was and with HD on top of giving birth, I’m sorry but we came in too late, she was already gone.”

    “Couldn’t you do anything to save her!” He shouts at the doctor as the world changes again. I have silent tears in my eyes as I watch on; I don’t have to think about anything, Mr. Westly is going though the sequences of events that lead him to where he’s at now. That’s what my senses are telling me.

    I am unaware of when the second figure came to be by my side. A hazy like figure of a mature looking woman, who ever she is rests her hand on my shoulder and I am please to have someone around to help me though these bitter sweet memories of his.

    A few flashes of pleasant memories, such as playing ball with a young Ronald, later congratulating him on getting a girlfriend and even helping him though the heartbreak of loosing that crush. Then a sickly Ronald in his bed in the very room we are in—or my body is in. Ronald reaches a shaking arm toward his father and nods while he looks his son over, with latex gloves on, he sticks a syringe into Ronald’s bicep. A smiling face on his, but Mr. Westly’s sight blurs as he bawls.

    Shes’ been silent up till now but her voice is light, and hollow as the figure speaks to me, “He sent his son off due to his illness.” Falling to my knees I watch on, even though it pains be to, I feel I need to see what happens, even if…

    There is nothing I can do. He well become a Husk regardless.

    The memory changes, and he continues to play over what happened in his life. Appearing in court, the judge slams the gravel, “not guilty,” repeats over and over in Mr. Westly mind as he is lead out of the court house and sinks to the ground against his car. Holding his head in his hands he begins mumbling.

    “I should be in jail, I killed my son, I should be punished, I should have never been happy!”

    “It’s alright to be happy,” I yell as tears continue streaming from my eyes,

    “Every person has that right.” the figure adds, rubbing my back as I am hunched over crying into my own hands, this is too painful, I can not keep my emotions straight. Peeking though my hands to get a look at the figure, she is slowly becoming harder and harder to see.

    The world shatters now, like glass and the watch Fate gave me earlier shatters before me. Emptiness, pure black. No sounds or sights, nothing but an abyss that I can no longer tell if I am diving or swimming towards the surface. I am suspended here. In my own sorrow and the trauma that Mr. Westly experienced.

    I feel as if I have been struck in the head and I open my eyes, my right closing immediately as if some kind of liquid was obscuring my sight. My left eye free I look down at myself, I am sitting in a chair and my arms are bound to my side. I feel myself panicking but then stop as I look down at my right hand by my side, blood is dripping onto it and I now know I have been hit by something.

    My eyes widen as I take in Mr. Westly who is grinning with a gun in his hand, and dripping blood. Did he hit me with the revolver’s handle?

    “I’m thankful for the help, but there is no helping’re young, your wounds are superficial, something that time will heal.”

    “Please, let me go,” I whimper, not understanding anything.

    “My soul is tormented and I can’t pass on like this, I need to ensure my place. Someone like me is mad. And someone like you needs a bit of a burden to ensure your life is meaningful.”


    “I didn’t deserve happiness, and neither do you.

    “No.” I cry silently staring down at my lap but he brings his free hand under my chin and rises my face to meet his. He smiles.

    “Our lives are shit.”

    What feels like hours, is probably only a few moments as he turns the gun on himself, planting the barrel square to his temple, “shit.” are his last words that echo in my mind as I sob at the top of my lungs, hearing the crack from the revolver.

    2,726 Words from 2,304 Words

    Next part is a fight, although this part was pretty exciting as well.
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    Part 13: Miia
    “Honk the horn!” I hear Hope yelling into my ear. Doing as she tells me I do. We pull into a long driveway leading to a single home surrounded by a dense tree line. The yard a mess with uncut lawn and a semi beat up vehicle already in the driveway besides a van—their van. Pulling to a stop just in front of the garage. Hope’s off the instant I stop. “Honk again, we need to get her out here,” she tells me tossing my helmet back without much warning.

    Going for the horn again after fumbling with my helmet, I see that I don’t need to as out the front door comes Fate.

    “Why are you here?” Hope yells, her voice cracking.

    “My Job…” A sharp slap comes from Hope as she smacks Fate across the face and I unconsciously say ouch.

    Turning Little Sue off I set the kickstand as I listen to the two argue. A male’s voice speaking, yet coming from the still open door to the home I listen, something about happiness as I hear a girl sobbing. “Naomi!” I yell, rushing past them only to stop dead in my tracks, a gun echoing around us. “I gotta help her!” I shout again, about to take off as I hear splintering wood like a cannon going off. Facing myself towards the bay window on the second story, it shatters. Wood and glass now falling to the ground, a glass a chair follows suit, with her tied to the backrest. A thud as she herself hits the ground and the chair breaks, but her, I don’t see her moving.

    From my peripheral vision, pink glowing forms charge forward, two maids, one Fate, and the other Hope, both holding strange weapons. Hope—few knifes between her fingers while Fate—two katana’s one short, one long. Both wearing laced black maid outfits. My pause is only momentary as I continue my dash towards Naomi. Creaking of wood and sounds of rubble falling within the home directs my attention upwards, and although foggy, a form is above me, large and long, like a snake, hearing scraping as well both Fate and Hope yell, jumping at the figure.

    Hope’s knifes bouncing off as Fate lands a hit...I think, as it sways. Landing besides me, Hope never takes her eye off this thing, “Miia, run, take Naomi away from here, you two are just in the way.”

    Kneeling by Naomi’s head I see a gash and blood already covering her face, my mind blanking out, I know I heard Hope, and I glace at her. Run, run to where? And you guys think you can stop that, what ever that is? I’m scared, I can’t move. My legs feel heavy, and my sight sways from Hope who has launched herself at the giant snake to Fate, who I see knocked back inside the house and back to Naomi, silently crying with the blood that’s coming form her forehead being diluted. “Naomi…”

    The ground rumbles as the snake leaves the house though the broken window and now I truly see the size of this creature. Leaving a trail of turned up dirt in it’s wake it slithers forward, and as I get use to the sight I am able to make out sections in the snake, sections of sharp black metal armor, spinning this way and that, some even have arms with three pronged claw. This beast at least the size of a semi. Though what strikes me most as it turns on itself, coming straight for Naomi and I is the thing’s head. Through the haze which has cloaked most of it’s form and slowing fading away, revealing what’s behind, the head, six hollow cylinders in the same pitch black coloring and spiral groves running down it’s length within.

    A wiring high pitched hum rings out as the head spins, as Fate jumps before me. Metal on metal sounds as sparks fly and Fate’s movements become hard to see, she’s blocking the bullets, at least trying to as some fly right by me, the ground tearing up around us as they strike the ground. “Move it!” she yells.

    Shaking, I try standing, my legs are weak as I struggle with Naomi, finally getting my arms under hers it feels like ages before I move her even and inch but as I do the snake has grown tired of shooting Fate. What feels like an earthquake topples me as the beast slams it’s head on the ground and pile drives into Fate as she and the snake both slam back into the house while Naomi and I dodge the attack with hardly a second to spare.

    Falling unto my ass, I see atop the creature, Hope running and flinging numerous sets of knifes into the spaces between each section, stalling them from spinning yet as she goes, one of the arms catches her ankle and rises up, the whole body, including the head within the home, causing further structural damage which the second story caves on itself. Fate is still in there…

    A scream comes from Hope as the section which grabbed her starts spinning.

    What can I do, what is there to do even? Fate, she’s in the rubble, and Hope, they seem both powerless against this, what ever it is… Glancing down at Naomi, her face remains petrified in an empty expression, tears still streaming down her face. Whipping her forehead with my hand to try and alleviate the blood that’s dripping onto my thighs I try talking with her, I remember seeing her able to do incredible things, able to deal with my brother’s Husk was it, that’s what they called them, Husks.

    “Naomi,” I plead though tears of my own, tears out of fear, I’m scared, I’ve never been this scared in my life and I fear I have witnessed someone killed by one of these Husks. “Your...our friends are in trouble, can’t you help them...I don’t want to pretend to know what just happened to you, but please, there must be something you can do...”

    A gust of wind makes me freeze, squinting before gaining my sight again, I witness the Husk dropping Hope and sent into the air, and back a few yards by a lone man with a fist still outstretched.

    “Strong isn’t he,” a young girl speaks softly to me as she rolls besides me—in a wheelchair that looks to be moving by cogs and gears. She herself is odd looking as well, her outfit that of a nun, her eyes are close now as her hands grasp one another and she smiles, speaking quietly again, “Adam is enough.”

    I’m in awe as I watch, this Adam person charge again, he wears a tux which has already ripped at the seams. He has large muscles which I can clearly tell from where I rest, and I laugh, thinking my life was over one minute to being saved by some stranger.

    “Miia,” I gawk, yet telling the girl my name.

    “’s a pleasure...I shouldn’t say that though.”

    Joining us, Hope limps over until she stands before the Eve, “Dad sent you guys, right?”

    Only a nod as Hope takes a seat and I panic, looking at her briefly, “Fate, she’s still in the house...”

    “Let her, something like that won’t kill her, she put Naomi in this mess.” Her voice is cold as she stares out at Adam who has begun a boxing match with the Husk, jab left, jab right, over and over again, pushing it backwards, he has the upper hand with ease.

    Speaking of her, rubble shifts within the home and Fate leaves the home, not as badly battered as Hope, but still she has more than a few cuts covering her body, probably from both the debris and bullets that where shot at her. She approaches Eve and glares at her, “why are you fighting my battle!”

    “What battle?” She opens her eyes, glaring all the same at her, those pink eyes are unsettling though. “This is a death trap for you guys, you’d be dead had we not gotten here when we did, you still came knowing you couldn’t win, why?” She asks in return, while Hope gives a nod in agreement and I feel there is more to this whole mess then what I’m simply a part of.

    “What do you know?” Fate fires back and changing the subject.

    “I know control, something you lack. Sit back and watch him, maybe you’ll learn something,” she replies, her voice stern.

    Fate doesn’t budge as she lets go a scream before turning back to the Husk and charging when chains fly at her, binding her and she glares back at us. Naomi standing before us, I just noticed her standing, in silences she withdraws those chains, bringing Fate closer and closer to us as she struggles. “You’ve destroyed her!” Naomi yells as she whips Fate into the air and onto the ground with a loud crack.

    A gasp leaves Fate’s mouth as she struggles there and the chains from Naomi recede but she steps forward herself.

    “Naomi?” I question, Hope looking concerned too, both of us surprised by her attack on Fate, and now her movements towards the Husk.

    “This isn’t what I wanted...” she tells us as a rifle—much like I saw back when she saved me—slide out of the palm of her hand as she takes a step forward, bring it up, she aims it at the Husk.

    “This, what we’ve been doing isn’t right...” Hope says quietly. “The Paul is still there...”

    Glancing at Hope her eyes are bright, illuminating a pink hue, and now she steps forward as well.

    Naomi shoots without warning, drops the gun and another falls from her hand, she continues, standing in one place and blatantly firing over and over. “Naomi...stop it,” Hope shouts to no avail. Yet Adam seems to take notice, rather already has as she jumps atop the head of the Husk and then down to the ground, getting some silent cue from the nun to proceed.

    In an instant, he charges her and in another, has her head in his large hands, “I’m sorry lass, he says in a stern yet playful voices as he slams his head into hers, knocking her out cold in a second as she falls limp.

    “Hope is it,” Eve questions, “you can hear him right?” Hope is silent, unmoving as she stares at the Husk who has stopped moving, staring at the sky. “He’s welcoming you to help him, he knows he’s no longer himself, this is the last we’ll ever see of who Paul once was...”

    She steps forward, walking the distance before stopping and planting a hand on the Husk, I’m not sure what I am seeing as the thing busts into many millions of pink and black specks. While the black congregate into her hand, the pink is sent skyward, and vanishes into the air.

    She brings her hand back to stare at it as she walks back to us, “I, I never knew there were other ways to handle the Husk, at least not this way. It had no Eye...”

    “Right you are, those are troublesome,” Adam says joining us while carrying Naomi’s unconscious body to us. “But her situation is more troublesome.” Resting her on the ground before us, he steps over her and walks to where Fate is struggle to still catch her breath, coughing. “You do understand what you have done?” He asks her and Fate shakes her head.

    “You’re taking us to Mary.” says, “she’ll become a Black Rock thanks to you.

    “Black Rock?”

    “Emotionally scared Harmony? That clear enough?” he yells inches from Fate’s face.“Get to the van, all of you, we’re leaving now.”
    1,975 Words

    Well, there was a chapter before this but I didn't want to or see the need to do a review of sorts because that's kind of what it would have been, I made it a single chapter and deleted the previous one.

    Wasn't listening to this, but still was a gem of a find while trying to find some good music to listen too.
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    Part 14: Mike
    Miia gives me a worried look and I give her the sincerest of smiles I can muster at this time. She leaves the foyer of the funeral home and heading outside, to wait to be picked up by her dad—her bike remaining behind to be picked up later. Only Adam and I remain, yet he is frank, walking into my office while I follow closely behind. Acting as if he owned this room, he spins my chair around and plants himself on the leather.

    He’s quietly judging me as he always does. My daughters have gone to their bedroom as have Naomi who has a new roommate—Eve Lancaster. Yet his own sons are nowhere to be seen. Where are they even? Hope did say she left Tom at the school so I can’t imagine him getting into much trouble, I’ll have to go pick him up though, that quite a hike from there.

    “Mike, do you understand the severity of what these kids went though just now?” He leans over my desk and stares at me, waiting intently for my answer, and after some mulling over, I do have an answer, I always had an answer to this asinine stunt my own daughter pulled.

    “I never agreed with the Mistress...”

    “Take this seriously.” He growls, “I there is more to this then just your daughter making a stupid choice, she emotionally changed Naomi’s Harmony, she mingled with Paul.”

    My features darken as I don’t have any words to add, “then what?” I ask stiffly, not quite ready for any of this, to think that Naomi is in my care now and I failed my sister.

    “You never did like conflict.” He tells me as he begins shifting though my desk draws, “you got any whiskey?” His eyes light up soon as he does find a small flask I keep in my desk. Opening it he lets the air fall out of it and gives me a cold look, “you’re going to need a drink for this.”

    “I have no need to drink.”

    “Your sister always did say you had a rod up your ass,” he smiles at his own joke but I understand where my sister was coming from. “You’ll need one after this...”

    The room around me blinks out like a light. A humid breeze passes as the Funeral Home slips from the shadows and a rising yellow moon casts its eerie shades upon the run down mansion. Looking behind me a grin becomes my focal point. “Well, you aware of this?”

    “A World as I recall Isabella mentioning, a physical familiar which my sister invented.”

    “Good, that means I don’t need to go into detail,” the mouth speaks, “let us carry on, lets go to the courtyard and see her...”

    Ignoring Adam’s unorthodox way of addressing me as if this were Alice in Wonderland, I walk down cracked stones which lead to the front door. Adam’s pearly whites following closely behind, always smiling, getting some sick entertainment out of this presentation. The door opens for us and we enter, the foyer filled with chains, some taunt, some slacked, but all of them bury, like roots of a tree and intertwined with the mansion. Careful to avoid them, I get chills as a howl echos though the home.

    Adam’s voice is hollow as he speaks, “This is what I experienced in the Dive.”

    “So, that cry, that is what you want me to see?”

    “It needs no explanation.” His invisible self smiles while his teeth glow white, “the courtyard.”

    Howling erupts again as we continue our tour and bridging the distance in this distained environment. Though the halls, any room with a door ajar that I might peer into containing skulls, ashen and with green flames for eyes, burning though my presents, the aura that falls upon me as I see these, is utter dread.

    “Fragments of Harmony, this is what happens when a person begins to decay. They become a Black Rock.

    “This is inside of Naomi right?”

    “Yes and No. But we’ll see that answered soon.”

    I feel him pushing me past the door we’ve stopped in front of, one which belonged to Naomi, and before that, Marisa…

    The yellow light filtering in though the shattered windows from, the moon, we reach the courtyard, one where we’ve practiced our abilities constantly, and were the Mistress currently trains her students. The ground covered in the chains, rather this is the cause, the tree. An ear splitting scream erupts from the center, a wispy black figure at the center of these chains wailing, howling in agony.

    Covering an ear and wincing, I keep an eye on the figure, as it turns, seeing us. A trail of pink fires bursts from where it’s head would be, trailing along it’s back while pink flames fill the eye sockets. Glaring at me the thing approaches, and rises up to eye level, it’s mouth opening, much like the skulls from earlier, a spitting image here, with green flames engulf the things whole being before it stops. Watching I see the chains taunt around skeletal arms.

    Wailing again, I have to take a step back, my ears ringing and Adam finally cuts his act and stands besides me, “A Banshee, this is a Soul Husk that spawned from your sister.” Silents for a time he rises a hand, these chains, these are what’s left from your sister, they are restraining her to prevent further damage to her daughters own Harmony. By pure chance Naomi has quite a strong Harmony herself and is subconsciously helping to hold her mother back. They are both incredibly strong.”

    The scene freezes, and I remember that we’re in Adam’s World, “So how? How did this happen?” I question, but somewhere in my mind, I already know the answer.

    “Fate, she caused Marisa to change. By having Naomi Dive when she’s very much is inexperienced she caused Paul and her souls to intertwine. This caused Marisa to react and take in the taint from Paul, but still she couldn’t save everything. Naomi is still and will always be affected by those actions.”

    “At Marisa!” I yell, my frustration as Adam shrugs.

    “Before she died, she was fooling with reviving a person from the purified quartz crystals, she says their memories are stored in them. Jimmy Jim clams it’s nonsense though.”

    “It’s starting to make sense why she went haywire now...” I am having trouble swallowing all of this as Adam steps back my office appears before us, we never left.

    Plopping myself down in the closest chair and staring at the hardwood surface, so many things beginning to make sense now. Naomi never had two Instruments, only one, her ribbons. Marisa was always controlling the other half, and until she became a Soul Husk from Paul...she’s always been here.

    “I’d believe my sister over Jimmy Jim any day...what the hell does he have to do with any of this.”

    “He’s the Guild Leader of SMILES.”

    Bolting up I storm over to Adam, I never had a good relationship with him, but Jimmy Jim is another story all together, “why are you following that mad man?”

    “He’s not mad.” He tells me, “He’s Fully Harmonized, he’s mad strong if that’s what you meant but…”

    “Jimmy is after some bazaar notion of a Planet full of Souls, you don’t call that mad? Ever since the Silver Bridge Collapsed he’s been mad, why follow him?”

    “I could ask the same of you, why stay with the Mistress, she’s more mad then Jimmy Jim. Plus he’s married to Jupiter.”

    I’m silent for a moment, “and Jupiter is a reason because?”

    “She’s hot, like model hot...” He comes off as a pervert after speaking and I furrow my brow in frustration.

    “You are hopeless!” I yell, “And what of my wife since we’re arguing, any news? Have you found her? What even happened?”

    “No, nope, and we don’t quite know yet.”

    “What do you know?” I continue my rage, “I am stupid for even getting you involved...”

    There continues to be silences as we stare each other down, when a smug smile comes to his face. “At least acknowledge you’re stupid.”

    “Don’t you mean you are,” he answers pointing at me and I backtrack to my chair. Take a few breaths to calm myself. “As to Eve now staying here, listen closely because I need to get back to my own work.” He paces before stopping, and lying a hand on a photo on my desk of my family, which includes Marisa and Naomi, her father as well, after that event. We were trying to be positive, but the photo has a sadness to it.

    “Eve is different, and Tanya is gone, that being said Eve will remain here because of her surplus of Harmony. I’m usually a filter for her, but hence that leach and collar you noticed, but now Naomi will act as the filter. Only differences is she needs that extra Harmony to maintain her decent into a Black Rock. I have erased her memory's of this night, but that won’t hide her aliment.

    “This Black Rock, what does that mean?”

    “They are polar opposites of becoming Fully Harmonized. They are people with a shattered personality, people who experienced what she has tonight. Their mood will always be damp and depressing, their Harmony constantly influx and causing radical changes to the person themselves. Those colors we saw inside the Dive, her hair will become jet black and her eyes, emerald green. As pose to Fully Harmonizing, where your eyes turn pink and hair likewise. Oddly enough only Jimmy Jim has Full Harmonized. The only male to, we’re not quite sure why that is...”

    “Is that everything then? Am I just suppose to keep an eye on Eve?”

    “Yes, and don’t let her be too long without Naomi’s company...Eve as a similar issue, where if she starts to build up too much of her Harmony, she’ll loose control, that’s why she’s in that wheelchair, she’s suppressing her Harmony, like meditation.”

    “Anything else,” I ask sarcastically and he smiles.

    “I think we’ve gone over everything, I’ll be in the area a few more days, a new case has come up besides...I want to know if you know anyone named Lily.”

    Shaking my head, he shrugs again, pulling out his own flask from a breast pocket and taking a swig, “well take good care of Eve, I’ll be checking in every now and again.”

    Taking himself out I stare blindly at the door before standing myself and letting loose a loud sigh, the frustration of everything that happened...I don’t know whether or not to even punish my own daughter, she and I never knew this kind of thing would happen.

    Slumping myself down in my chair at the desk I gaze at the photo sitting there.
    1,813 Words

    This chapter was previously useless in the first draft, going over useless information and explanation. I fixed that by showing and not telling of a key part I did bring up in the first draft of this chapter.

    Along these lines I also hint at Eve's back story which doesn't come up till later in the first draft. As well as renaming her sister from Rane to Tanya in honer of Tanya from the anime Youjo Senki. I also hint at the Mistresses backstory to. So a bit more information in less words that the previous draft was. Enjoy guys. Sorry it took me so long to get back to writing...I always hate needing to write up a whole new chapter but had to be done.

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    Part 15: Hope
    Curled up in my night shirt and under the covers of my bed I stare at my hand, my harmony—my soul allowing me to see it’s form, an intensity pink fire filling my sight. I’ve gotten use to my new eyes, even though a week or so has passed, but fighting that Husk and absorbing the taint into my own body and releasing Paul’s soul from within as Eve explained. The experience was truly amazing and to think I had that power within me.

    The Mistress never taught us that, no, that just came to me, and according to Eve again, every Soul Guide or Shadow Guard in the Cradle can do that. The Cradle which she explained to us on our ride home is an isolated plane of existences—a World—for those who understand the soul and train themselves. To train our Harmony as we call it. A man named Bullseye lives as the Guild Master of SMILES. She described it as a Japanese park, many cherry blossom trees lining beautiful bleached brick pathways. And olden style Japanese dojo’s for training the many students that arrive to learn under some of the greatest Harmony users which the Mistress was the founding mother of. Or so she says, seems the Mistress doesn’t see the Guild that way.

    “Why did I force Naomi into that situation?” I hear my sister whispering. She doesn’t seem to be directing the comment at me, more she’s talking to herself because she thinks I’m asleep. “I never thought it would turn out like this...I wasn’t even punished, is Dad that ferrous at me?”

    I feel I should comfort her so I peek my head out from under my covers to see she’s sitting on the bench seat in front of our window, starting out into the bleakness of the night.

    “The Mistress got that damned idea in my head, that I could take over for her, that I could do what she can...I can’t, she wants me to screw up, she put me into this position knowing I would send Naomi into Paul.” She brings her legs tight to her chest and buries her head so I can’t see the indentations of her eyes, her voice straining as she continues speaking, “why is she so tough on me, why did she pick me over everyone to take over her job?”

    She sounds on the verge of tears and I pull my covers away from me, sitting now on the bed, watching her. “I never wanted Naomi to end up like that, I want to be friends with her, I want us to have fun together but my stupid jealousy, why’d I let that get the better of me? Why am I so cold?”

    “Fate,” I speak as my voice cracks, and she looks toward me, tears streaming down her face.

    Silences stops both of us as she continues to watch me, her eyes wide when she turns back to look out of the window. “I never wanted what happened tonight.”

    “I doubt it could have been prevented.” I say, walking over to her, hesitantly. Concerned for my sister, but she allows it, and as I get close I embrace her. She never loses her composer like this, in fact I can’t honestly say I’ve ever seen her cry, maybe a few times when we were much younger and she’d trip and fall, or I did and a chain reaction would happen, both of us crying, but then Dad would come in and help us. This is the first time I’m taking on the role of Dad, holding Fate in my arms she’s shaken as she sobs.

    “There, there,” I tell her, running a hand through her hair and only now do I notice just how short it’s gotten, where before it was down to her waist, now it’s just above the nap of her neck, much shorter than mine and I let her go, taking a seat opposite of her, mirroring her position and leaning my back against the window frame.

    “A lot has changed since Naomi came here.” I sigh, feeling like we just need to let off a bit of steam, never fully getting adjusted to Naomi’s move here and never understanding how the other felt about it. Never understanding Naomi or her roll here. “A pedigree, much like us, her Mother...our Aunt was very strong and maybe the Mistress saw that in you before she came along, then felt like testing the two of you, who of you would fair better.”

    “I think we both know that’s not true...because of my stubbornness Naomi has changed according to their Father. Even Eve agreed. Why am I taking to heart what they even said, I hardly know them.”

    “That’s who you are.” I say as humbly as possible, trying to ease my sisters inner conflict, she’s never been this distraught before.

    She nods, snorting and watching me, a somber smile etch on her face. “Why am I so caught up in this?” She questions me and I look out into the darkness of the yard through the window as well. I have no answers for her as I simply repeat myself.

    “That’s who you are.” but I elaborate further, “you hate the Mistress as do we all, but you have a great respect for her. Don’t think I haven’t notice, but everything she says, you take in, even if you misunderstand, even if it’s a test, you are never truly mad at her, no, just always annoyed that she’s beating around the bush with you.”

    She giggles. “Twin telepathy?” and I giggle myself in agreement with her. Happy she’s slightly happier than the moment before, I never want to see her upset or angry, but her personality. She bottle things up, only this is the first time I’ve seen them spill over. “What you did back there, that was magnificent. How did you know to do that?”

    Blushing, I doubt she can see me, I tell her quietly how, “when I was standing next to Eve I kept hearing a voice calling to me from the Husk’s body, telling me to end it, and as I saw, there was no eye, at least I suspected none because I’ve always been able to see them in Husks, not clearly but within the gray that use to be my vision, they were always slightly darker and gave off a depressing vibe. I touched the Husk and it’s as if I felt the his guilt, what as consuming him and I was able to gather it, send it through my body and filter that though my body.”

    “That nun, she said you were a natural.”

    “I’m not sure what she meant by that…but you’re feeling better aren’t you,” I ask, wanting to change the subject. I feel we’re diverging too much and that she could grow jealous of my new ability that I myself don’t even fully understand.

    “You can see Harmony now, right?”

    “Yes,” I answer and she leans in closer, “your eyes have already began changing...still clouded but I see a bit of that...promise me you won’t change.”

    Her voice is sad as she stares, longing for something, for some reassurances and I can’t answer her the way she would like, “I don’t know if that is possible, I know your afraid of what will become of me...of you if we Fully Harmonize and turn into Soul Husks but I feel with what happened tonight, there is no going back. If we’re to Fully Harmonize, it will happen. The Mistress wouldn’t bring up something so important just for us to ignore it.”

    “Are you so sure…she told me and the others that night that we’d become what Sophia became.”

    “Being a mythical creature doesn’t sound so bad.” I reply, trying again to ease her mind and she reveals that grin again, one that’s not to thrilled yet not so sad anymore.

    She shrugs as she swings her legs back over the seat and stands, “I enjoyed this, thank you.” She tells me as if our talks like this are completely unnatural. We use to be so close when we were younger and I guess that bond hasn’t left me, but I feel it’s left her.

    “Fate,” I answer her, “don’t push yourself to much, we all need to understand before we act, and even being as you are, your traits are so much a kin to Tom’s…”

    “Where is he?” She cuts me off and I forget what I was even doing or saying when I erupt into laughter. “What? Where is he?” Fate asks me the question again.

    Through tears, I manage to tell her the school and she looks confused as I stop my laughter, my stomach hurting. “When we took off for Paul’s home, Miia and I left him at the school with Ronald, I told him you two would argue, without a second thought we left and he’s still there as far as I know.”

    She now smiles at this, “serves him right, and thanks for the intuition, you’ve never let me down.” Happy, I sigh, thinking our bond isn’t as severed as I thought as I watch her head over to her own bed across from mine and hear her pulling the covers off, “Night.”

    Hopping off the windowsill myself I go back to my bed and tell her the same thing. Glad we’re still on the same page.

    “I must apologies to Naomi in the morning,” she finishes before I hear the sound of her breathing steadying and I know she’s sleeping soundly.
    1,606 Words

    Part 16: Tom
    Sitting back and staring up at the night sky, I watch the stars. Having nothing better to do since those two left me here, all I can do is think, and thinking I’ve done. I have no way of trying to figure out Ronald’s memory lost and I have no way of even seeing him. I sat him down next to me on the bleachers for the football field and told him to say, but how am I to know if he’s still there? I can’t feel him I didn’t even know if I was holding him when Hope handed him off to me.

    Hours have passes and I feel my eyes growing tired, I don’t even know the time and since I was screwing around when the buses left, I can’t go home that way…I know I saw the van pass here sometime ago but they never stopped for me. Things must have went to hell or something because they were certainly breaking the speed limit.

    Yawing, I watch as a satellite blinks on and off, trailing the night sky as if acting as a star I feel a tug on the hem of my tank top and I look down to see whom it might be but all I see are the rows of bleachers, but I know its Ronald, he’s still hanging around with me. I’m happy at that, I don’t want the little guy to stray too far, I’m supposed to be looking after him, but how do you look after someone you can’t see? “I guess I could try flower,” I laugh at myself thinking of those old cartoons when flower would be use to see someone invisible.

    Pausing, a thought now comes to mind, and one that may help me. What the Mistress did last week, when she show us all of our Eyes. Danny explained it as pumping her own Harmony into Fate, but maybe I can pump my own Harmony onto sonar. But the Mistress was able to show us all our Third Eyes by doing so...I shake my head, “I’m going to try it...a Soul Burst as I call when Mike’s Mom passes away. Something which I hope doesn’t draw Husks here.” I tell myself, glad I thought of this, but equally unsure of myself. “Well Ronald, I’m going to try this, I hope I can see you.”

    Calming myself, closing my eyes and listening to the sounds around me, I concentrate on the natural sounds of the world as I trying to imagine what the Mistress did.

    Sounds of passing cars soon become drowned out as I listen to the crickets, the wind, and rustling of leaves and branches. The world becomes clear to me and I begin to make out the hazy figure of Ronald, standing in front of me. Taking all of my focus I wait, seeing if I can sustain this, and to my surprise, I am, letting my eyes spring wide open I feel as a sound wave, some-kind of wave erupts from me and spread, gliding over the frame of Ronald who is mere inches from me, and surprised by his reveal.

    The figure that is Ronald lifts up his small arms, trying to block the wave of energy, even to the point of turning around, his back facing me. But I’m gawking at something different. Much like how the Mistress has told us that doing dives on people will create a splash and you can see though the droplets that come the memories of the person, what I’ve done is far greater than that…I think. Maybe I’m stronger that I thought.

    Like television screens in front of me, many of which vary in size, I see Ronald’s memories playing through them. Ronald straightens in front of me, still facing away but he looks older now, and he too is watching as one comes forward, one much larger than the rest that layer each other.

    Looking through the eyes of an infant Ronald who’s just been born, I hear the voice of a woman and she appears, looking into the infant’s eyes. She looks to me in her early thirties and quite petite. Her eyes large, she gazes at her son with a passion only a mother would have. “I know you won’t remember me, and I don’t want you to, I rather you know me though your father’s stories of me. I have Huntington’s and I have no idea how long it’s going to be till I’m nothing more than a shell of my formal, self. This is how we go, losing brain neurons and soon we just keel over.”

    She looks happy though as she bend over, gently grabbing Ronald and bringing him to her breast as she takes a few steps backwards to sit in a seat to nurse.

    “In death, we remember all,” Ronald now tells me, his voice deep, “I learned of the disease in the seventh grade, when I began showing signs of it. Seems in my family, well those blood related, the signs kept on progressing earlier and earlier.”

    Watching on, the woman has stopped nursing and Ronald’s eyes are on his mother’s hand, the one with the IV in. “Your father maybe sad with my passing, but, it’s better you grow up without caring about this as long as you can, grow up happy and strong for I’m sure you’ll get the disease just as everyone else has.”

    She pull the IV out of her hand and some blood begins to pool, not clotting and she continues speaking. “Never knowing your cousins or grandparents on your mother’s side. I’m both happy and sad that I lived long enough to make a man happy and give him a child, but I knew this was my fate.”

    The infant Ronald begins crying, but before I can say anything, he speaks to me, “Why does this make you sad?” He asks me, sensing my feelings, but I say nothing, remaining stern, even though I do feel sad about what happened to him. “My mother was happy in death, that is all life was for her, she wanted to be happy, to love, and then die. She never wanted anything more, she was never greedy.”

    Now I knit my brows, “but that is selfish, what about those who love her, she gave up.”

    “Is it really giving up, Tom.” He now asks, looking over his shoulder at me, “she completed what she wanted, and when that was done, she let go. What else is there to do?”

    “Plenty, get help, have a new dream, why just die?”

    “Some people die, that is how the world works, and I only learned this though my own death.”

    The prior scene fades to the background as another comes forward, replacing it, in a quick blurb, we see the aftermath of Ronald’s mom suicide and Paul, taking over as a single father rising his son and years pass.

    “I live eighteen years, and that was all I needed and wanted…”

    “But before you learned of your disease, didn’t you think differently?” I ask, growing irritable.

    He now turns toward me. His entire figure fading fast, but his hair and eyes and mouth remains as he continues. Even the images behind him begin to fade, where before they were bright and opaque, now they’re dull and translucent. He’s as tall as me, and his built is about the same. “What does a child know of this world, they learn though experiences, but with so few, why would I think any differently before I learned of my disease?” He looks back to the images of him and his father playing a game of catch. “The moment we’re born, we’re dying.”

    “And life is to live,” I tell him, unsure of what I am even speaking about, whether logical or not, he’s irritating.

    “Even so, I’d like you to understand that somethings are never meant to be, fate guides us. Those smart enough to see it that is. Why are we born, we are born to do something, I was born to die young, but, to give my father happiness for the time being. My mother, born to give happiness to my father, in retrospect of everything, we were both there to give my father a happy life. My father’s life amounted to him being happy with us, that’s why it was so hard on him…” he pauses.

    A scene comes forward of Ronald looking up at his father, Paul has tears in his eyes and he looks to a corner of the room. Ronald looks there to and I see the power outlet when the scenes completely fade, and all that is left is Ronald’s mouth, floating in the air.

    Closing my eyes, I try concentrating again, I want to finish this, I want to hear what he has to say. “You see now, the opposite spectrum. To go against fate for a bit of happiness…”

    “But both you and your mother where there to give him that happiness, are you telling me that your father was only alive to experiences such a sad life?”

    “Bitter sweet but true. The reason I was a child until now was I was scared, I didn’t allow myself to see that truth.”

    “No…no that’s isn’t why you were a child, why you lost your memories.” I reply back. “You were scared but not to see the truth, you were scared of death itself, you didn’t want to leave your father, you wanted to go against fate…your mother went against fate for as long as she could as well. Your whole family went against fate!” I yell at the brat.

    Opening my eyes I cause another Soul Burst, and this one feels larger then my first. In the blink of an eye, Ronald is standing there, staring back at me, a shocked expression on his face when a voice chimes in and we both look to our left. A woman standing there…Ronald’s late mother.

    “Liz?” Another voice echo’s and I look to the right, down the bleachers away, I see Paul standing there. Slowly at first, Paul begins walking over, than running, as does Liz—Paul’s wife, and they meet, hugging each other, than looking at Ronald who turns to them and they walk up to him. Hesitantly he watches them and looks at me.

    Giving a light hearted smile he mimics me as he gives into the hug that his parents give him.

    Smiles all about, a flash blocks my vision but when it’s gone, I see both Paul and Liz as their formal self, and even Ronald, only as an infant and wrapped in a blue blanket. They all look to me, nodding there thanks when they turn around, walking away from the bleachers, in the air toward something that is far beyond my sight, but I know what’s there, their resting place and I hear Ronald’s fading voice, “So we went against fate, are you happy?”

    “No, going against fate is strength, but to your deaths, I am. Dying is always a happy occasion in my book...”

    Getting a laugh from Ronald I watch as they blink out, leaving me in the dark once again, but I am no longer frustrated by Hope leaving me here, none of that matters because I feel this has changed me, a life’s odd to experience one, feels unrealistic but still, his words remain.

    “We went against fate?” I echo those words to myself, considering what I’ve just done. Did I change him to allow him to pass on?

    Not much time passes as lights from a vehicle flood the lower lot some yards away, and I hear a call from Mike, I’m not about to tell him what happened just yet but it’s changed my world, my thinking on how we live and how we die.
    1,988 Words

    Part 2 is finished of this book...I think I have 5 parts but it might just be 4. Anyway I'll continue on. Thanks for reading guys.

    Not music this time, but for lolz.
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    And now we're on part 3 of 5 parts, this is the beginning of the next arc I guess.

    Part 1: Naomi
    Knees to my chest, I sit on the beach at my home back in Hawaii with the twilight sun. My mind elsewhere, I am not fully aware of what’s going on as I look above my knees. A pink light emitting from beneath the surface of the water. Tilting my head, I watch as the water swells, rising and the pink becomes hair to a figure.

    The next moment I know I’m in a strange room, a mirror in my left hand and the figure standing in front of me, her mouth in a creepy smile. Tensing up, the mirror shatters, but it takes me a moment to notice as I rise my hand, and I see the blood trickling down my arm. My hand feeling like it is on fire I scream and the figure approaches me as the world fades out like sand blowing in a storm.

    What I now see is my bedroom and I am in a cold sweat as I move my left hand around, wanting to see that it is okay when I hit something, something warm and that is not supposed to be here to my knowledge.

    Whipping the covers over, I see the girl, the same one I faintly remember seeing earlier, but even that feels like a dream which makes me question if she’s even real. Dresses in a white gown her clothing, the nun outfit I recall from earlier today—I think—rests on the nightstand beside her, with her habit off, her hair a stunning pink…much like in my dream and I frown, wanting to make sure this isn’t apart of a dream. Poking her cheek as she lies there in a semi fetal position she stirs but remains asleep.

    Sighing a breath of relief I leave my bed, seeing that I’m already in my night gown as well, I walk around to the nun’s side of the bed, curious about her, and why she is sleeping with me. A thud sounds as I bit my lower lip, while tears well up in my eyes. Backing a step or two back, I realize I ran into a chair that I couldn’t make out. Covering my mouth, the nun remains sleeping as I walk around.

    Standing before the nightstand I pick up the habit, but beneath that, a collar, like a dog would use, and it is a bright color that I can make out as red in this dim lighting caused from my door ajar and the hall light shining in. Confused as I feel a leash coiled next to the collar, the same color.

    Not entirely sure why she’s here, I see no reason to wake her, and because I am as dead tired, I feel heavy and want to be embraced by those covers again, the dream all but faded from my mind as I first head for the door, closing it, and what little light it allowed in. But something rattles, like clothes hangers and I feel wide awake again.

    Turning on my heels, cautiously I proceed toward my closet that is next to my desk, inside, many of my fancier outfits which I do not want getting wrinkled.

    “Hello?” I ask, feeling strange doing so as I approach the door, my hand on the knob as warm air leaks though the small gap between the door and the floor at the bottom. Light flickering though as if the bulb were on within my closet.

    No answer but I do hear an ocean clashing with a shoreline and with a bit or excitement I open the door, maybe I am still in a dream. This does feel like one after all as I step into the space that should contain my clothing but instead rolling hills with a far off ocean. A sun high in the sky and the warmth of this area soaking into my skin. Feeling just like home, I know in the back of my mind it’s not but that is so far in the back of my mind as I take off running around, enjoying my self in this pleasant field.

    Taking a tumble on my own two feet I roll, and roll down one until I make contact with the silky smoothness of sand, standing and feeling the grain though my toes I laugh, never enjoying myself quite this much, it’s a thrill as I giggle here and feel the sea breeze soar past me. Feels like hours past as I search the area, not sure as to what I am looking for—if anything but I do come upon a white gazebo structure. My mood still though the clouds I enter with not much though, turning the beautifully engraved metal handle in the form of a woman.

    Inside, the octagonal shape room illuminated by the fluttering wings of glowing butterflies high above. Multiple chairs, all facing the center and there, standing before them, a woman in a very tattered white trench coat, not even tattered, there are holes though out it, small and large, almost like it could have been caught on a thorn bush but a simple thorn bush would not cause such large holes.

    “Hello?” I ask quietly before repeating myself louder and get the woman's attention. Her long and breaded brown hair giving her gender away, she twirls around for me, revealing herself to be in her mid thirties, but also wearing sleepwear, cloth short shorts and a button up top both being a deep shade of blue as she gazes at me, her eyes, deterring me as I gasps.

    Both of them purple, brilliantly to as she takes a few steps back and sits herself down in one of the wooden chairs. Another notable feature is the some faded tattoos on her face, on her left cheek a few stripes and an actual letter, Greek or something on her forehead.

    “It’s not a dream,” She beam at me, guessing my thoughts. Then pointing to a chair as a new figure appears, and familiar face, that being of Erin who’s covered in bruises and looks out of breath, his body larger than it normally looks and thin black fur patches are in other areas of his patched skin. “He decided to fight me.” She watches my expression as I’m beyond confused, “don’t worry, he’s fine, probably winded but you’re awake right Erin?”

    His voice gruff as he lifts his head, revealing a dog like snout in the black fur that’s fading fast, his arm reaching up and scratching his scalp, an almost claw like hand. Screaming I cover my mouth and he glaces at me.

    “Don’t be afraid Naomi.”

    “Oh,” the woman smiles, “Naomi, please take a seat.” She points to a chair next to Erin yet I remain standing and she pouts. “If you don’t want to be comfortable fine,” and she crosses her legs, leaning into the center and speaking to us, “I’m not any enemy, as I told you clearly, Erin.”

    “You sound as if we’re in some war,” His response is quick and anger ridden, “why bring Naomi into this?”

    “Into what?” I ask as the woman answers Erin.

    “To calm you down, what your doing to yourself is insane...”

    “How do you know what I am doing to myself, I don’t even know...this is experimental.”

    “Regardless,” She responds. “You need to watch yourself from these actions.” She now looks toward me, “Naomi right? Your friend is attempting to gain power, to being something he’s not. But for the better.”

    Erin rises from his seat and I back away from both of them as he yells at the woman, “what are you contradicting yourself for, who are you even and why capture both of us?”

    “You two aren’t captured, your free to leave any time,” she tells us, as the door behind me creeks open and the little girl that was sleeping in my bed has awoken and found her way to the closet door. In a wheelchair, I realize that’s what I stubbed my toe on earlier.

    “You guys are too loud, she mumbles but her eyes are glued on the woman before us who just point us to the door, “Who are you?” she asks simply.

    The little girl letting herself in she stops besides me and hands me that leach I saw from earlier, “take it please.” she says and I do as the woman before us leans back into her chair.

    “No one here knows who I am, and because of that, I will tell you.”

    “What kind of logic is that...of course we don’t know who you are.”

    “Needless to say, this isn’t harmony you are causing either.” The girl says. Looking over the woman and this area we’re in inside my closet. But her eyes stop on Erin and she frowns, “what have you been doing?”

    “Who the hell are you?” he asks and now I face Erin.

    “Calm down...please.” I ask, my voice shaken but I do think Erin is being a bit bullheaded at this point.

    “Eve,” the girl says, but her gaze is still on the woman, “your turn.”

    “Marie,” she answers.

    “Marie Mayflower.” Erin resound as I remember that name from somewhere too.

    Her expression is of awe as she tilts her head and asks us how we know her.

    “We don’t,” his voice now regaining it’s usual ton, and his body looking more and more human from the patch work creation it was before—what ever that was. “The Mistress claims to know you...which means you took care of all those Husks a few weeks back when they went after Naomi’s Grandmother.”

    “How is that possible,” Eve asks, looking to Erin then back at her, “There was no lingering guilt at Devils Reservoir from that night.” Her cold stare falls back on Marie, “what is your ability.”

    “Hold on a moment, let me ask a question of my own, who is the Mistress, how does she know who I am?”

    “Ask her yourself,” Erin retorts, “Her name is Mary though, we just call her the Mistress because she’s a pain in the...” his voice trails off as I give him an angry look.

    “Marie,” I asks her myself, in a shy tone, “why bring us here, why, why us?”

    “It’s trouble some really, I’m finding to many inconsistency that shouldn’t be, I hoped to calmly question someone that may know the way the world works and Erin is the person I felt had those answers, but now, more inconstancy have turned up from our conversation. Even more troubling, this Mistress person...” She goes quiet before standing and heading for the door, “you all should get going, I need to sort a few things out before continuing my search.”

    Eve accepts the answer but her disposition feels like she wants more answers, ditto from Erin but both of them stand and head for the open door, but as they are all leaving I look back at her, “Forgive me Marie, but, why help my Grandmother?”

    “It’s not so much that I helped her, but I helped all of you, a swam of Husk that large would be too much hassle for such inexperienced pupils such as yourselves. Trust me, diving headlong into a reckless situation isn’t going to benefit you, now or in the future.”

    But already I have begun moving before noticing and I’m out the door as my closet slams shut. The room dark from that bright gazebo we were in and I open the closet to see if she is still there, if the room is that sprawling wonderland that she made or what but it’s not, just my clothes hand by their hangers.

    “She’s gone,” Erin says, watching my moments “well another nut job like the Mistress.”

    I do have to agree with Erin as I spin around, but I felt she was more sincere about herself, she wanted us to be friends with her. “Erin,” I question him, “I rather not know what you were up to prior but, why would she think I would calm you down.”

    I can sense him fidgeting as he looks away from were I am standing and heading for the door, “that, this use to be my room, I came here to calm myself down when the room...your closet changed and I met up with her first. I thought she was going to attack you so attack first.”

    Blushing, I think I understand now and I turn away as I hear him leaving my room which leaves Eve at my side who gives me a smug expression which I can barely make out, “just what kind of princess are you?” she questions, “but enough oddities, it’s late, and that woman will probably be back, we can question her more then… Adam will hear about this.” she says that last part to herself as I’m to fluster to comprehend anything she says further.
    2,160 Words

    Well almost a completely rewriten chapter again. Took out a character named Page, she shouldn't be in the story at all. Tried to make the Erin and Naomi fall in love or at least admit it a bit less corny and retarded sounding. Spent less time on characters we've already been introduced too and make Marie sound more mysterious without giving away her ability yet heavily hinting at it.
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    It looks very interesting. First of all, let me congratulate you on your remarkable writing skills. Secondly, I want to ask you if you are aware that posting a work of fiction online before publishing it will make it a lot more difficult for you to find a publishing house willing to actually publish it?
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    I am aware of that, but I figured as long as it's drafts it's fine, this is only a second draft, I won't be posting anything after the 3rd and even then I'm not to worried about finding a publishing house, you as many others have have complemented me on my writing skills so I'm sure with a bit of luck I will be able to get published. Sorry if I am sounding cocky, it's kind of the way I am. Thanks for the interests and I'm always interest in criticism. I will be posting the next part before the end of the weekend.
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    Part 2: Tom
    Reaching the van second, Erin has already taken the driver seat, firmly grasping the wheel and starting the vehicle, I slide open the side door and look back to the small paved trail that leads from our school to here—the lower lot. The girls not far behind us, Fate in a permitted pout, she has this air about her ever since we dealt with the Westly’s case. Her movements are calmer though, she doesn’t seem as irrational as she was. Her choices over what she’s done to Naomi weighing heavy on her...honestly even though this was a terrible experience for all of us involved, I can tell she’s grown, same as I have.

    It’s an odd realization, one I never imaged would weigh so heavily on my mind, but none the less I am thankful for. I only hope Fate understands this as I do. Hope following her tail hasn’t changed much, but she’s a bit more straight forward with her sister, yelling at her a few times over the course of these past few days.

    “Naomi with Miia again?” I ask them as they approach, Hope smiles telling me I am right as she gets in, followed by her sister. Closing the door behind them I take shotgun and we pull out of the lot, avoiding the buses which will becoming soon after and causing traffic to backup.

    Fate crosses her arms, fuming as I catch her gaze though the review mirror, “what?” she questions in spite.

    “Miss hot head got a taste of her own median...”

    “Tom, now is not the time to be arguing, she feels bad for what she’s done and she feels even worst for being unable to apologies to her,” She falls quite, waiting and seeing if Fate would respond herself but she continues her glare out the window. “She’s grounded from going to homecoming and getting close to Naomi. We’ve all been equally punished, like last Sunday, having to go on the roof at ten in our pj’s to clean the gutters.”

    “You ignored my warning, you didn’t put shorts on because you didn’t think the Mistress would actually do that,” Fate smiles, as her sister blushes.

    “Father made her forget her memories, that is why your in such a sour mood aren’t you Fate?” Erin responds, his voice irritable. “Naomi didn’t like the idea of changing peoples memories or erasing them and I can say I feel the same.”

    “How long have you felt that way?” Hope asks, “you’ve never been that involved in what we’ve done. Plus we had no way to avoid it, she would become a Black Rock like he said. Him doing that is to prevent a more damaging outcome.”

    “Becoming a Soul Husk is a far more damaging outcome...Naomi got off easy.”

    “Fate!” Her sister yells at her and I have to say I am taken aback by Fate’s lack of empathy right now…

    “Fate watch yourself, we’ve been at each others throat’s before but your about to cross a line I’m not sure you want to. She saw Paul kill himself in front of her.”

    “Guys!” Erin interrupts us as the coals of this argument are just being heated. “Like Hope said, now is not the time to be fighting.”

    I haven't even noticed, but he’s pulled off to the side of the street, the emergency lights are on and his eyes are on all of us. Something is bothering him and it’s not just our dad showing up, we knew he was coming, I know the tension between them is taunt. I’ve forgiven him years ago for leaving us in Mike’s and the Mistresses care, but I guess Erin has kept that resentment. “You okay, bro?” I ask off cuff.

    “Do you have a crush on Naomi or something.” Fate comments but none of us are laughing, or even bothering to acknowledged that joke of hers. For Erin to have an outburst or even shout like that means he’s been mulling over something—good or bad.

    Sitting back in his seat he shuts off the emergency lights and pulls us back onto the road, “I want to run it by you guys before we get back...they are having a meeting today and I want to drop by that meeting, but I want to get the go ahead from you guys to add my information to theirs.”

    “Just what have you been up too?” Hope questions and my brother smiles.

    “I’ve met her, a few nights back.” The car is silent as we all wait for him to continue, “Marie Mayflower, the same person that the Mistress mentioned to us, the same person that helped you two at Devil’s Reservoir.”

    Fate leans forward, resting a hand on the back of Erin’s chair, “when?”

    “The night you guys came back from the Westly’s case, Naomi and I both met her, Eve was with us at the time.”

    Her laugh echos in my mind as I remember that night, and that woman teleporting around Hope and I while making all the Husk vanish one after another.

    “I’m bringing this all to your attention because the Mistress would probably keep this secret and I don’t know how Mike will act to all of this...but I know my Father and he’s part of SMILES, the guild he is apart of seems to have a lot of influences with the police and they covered that there was no body for Paul when he went, and the house he lived in collapsed. Not that that was too hard for them to do, Paul was a loaner...”

    “You can stop running your mouth and get on with your point,” Fate adds, “you want to tell us before we get home, well we’re ten minutes out, do you have the time?”

    Bossy as usual, “Let him be, he never talks to us for this long as it is.”

    “Thanks you, Tom.” He clears his thought as we pull to a stop at the light, “to continue, we do have a slight issue I am not sure what to make of. In the woods that night near our home I saw...felt something I have never felt before, deep down to my core I felt an unbelievable sadness. I would equate it to losing Tom…even though I would hardly miss him being around.” He sneers and I feel he’s trying to joke even if it falls as flat as Fate’s earlier joke about his crush on Sleeping Beauty but some home I feel that is more accurate then me dying by some unpredictable coincident.

    Hope leans forward, her head peaking between our two chairs, “That aside, what is this, it sounds like you are describing a Husk.”

    “I think it is a Husk...Marie helped us again and brought me to were we could talk freely. She wanted me to tell her about, “this world.” He places air quotes with one hand while the other is still on the wheel and looking at Hope and I. Fate no longer fuming, is sitting in a relaxed state while listening to all this.”

    “We’re not enemies, she added,” Erin continues, “She feels like a person who’s seen some things, I’m not sure what but her trench coat was torn to shreds, but she seemed charming, just very mysterious. She created a space in Naomi’s closet and Eve confirmed that it’s not Harmony doing.

    Calmly telling us all this, his bookworm side is revealing itself, he’s enthusiastic about this, about who, and what Marie is. “Sounds like an alien to me.”

    “...that’s highly unlikely but we have no idea, we don’t know who or what she is so maybe probing the Mistress about Marie will lead us somewhere.”

    “This is something only you can do,” I tell him, “if you recall, we’ve been canned. The Mistress has been told not to train us further and we have no cases, we’re not suppose to look into anything until Mike is able to discuss the future of our training with...Our Father.” Grumbling the last part, Erin knows where I am coming from and I think we’re on the same page.

    “Well, behind their backs you guys can look into Scarlet...she hasn’t shown herself in a while and you guys do have her real name, more or less right?”

    I recall telling Erin about that night with Scarlet awhile back, and how she just upped and made herself scarce, only revealing herself once or twice now, the latest was the day after we dealt with Paul and Ronald, I was talking with Mike when I saw her roaming about, her mouth constantly moving, repeating the same word which I think was her real name, Rebecca.

    “We could do that so we’re not bored,” Fate answers, a bit of excitement in her voice, “being cooped up and going on the roof in our boxers and panties isn’t as fun as looking into a case.”

    “Do you have to say that?” Hope questions, again blushing and we all laugh, besides Erin.

    “You guys do what you want, but I’ll keep being a middle man for now, relaying what I learn from them to you guys. Something is off though, very much so with our current circumstances. I think we’re in far greater trouble than we think, and that is because of Marie showing up...she told me not to rush in recklessly. I think we should all adhere to that same advice for now.

    Going over a bump, we’ve come to the Funeral Home’s driveway and all of us are again quiet. But we have a plan in hand, even if it’s just to kill some time while we wait. Sweetheart, Angry Face, and I will look into who Rebecca is. Erin will get information from the meeting and see if we have any job in the future. And Sleeping Beauty will enjoy her life and we’ll try not to have her dive deeper into the void of being a Black Rock like he told me so intently that drive home from picking me up with Mike.
    1,682 Words

    8:22 the coolest shit you'll ever see.

    Bit o' background for this...see since this is the second draft, I had taken out the narration that was present in the first draft, but by doing so it was foreshadowing the events that would have taken place during this chapter. Well because I took that out, I now need to put that foreshadowing back in so these events don't happen out of nowhere. So two, more after this. The first between Mike, Adam, the Mistress, and Danny all discussing what is happening in their world which will lead to the third chapter where Erin adds his information to what they had already discussed. Yep, a lot of dialogue but i feel that makes a good story, even if I am shit at descriptions. Then back to the planned story that doesn't come out of nowhere as it previously would have if I didn't add these chapters.
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    Part 3: Mike
    The guild leader of SMILES, Jimmy Jim sits fixated before us on my computer screen, another call from where ever the hell the Cradle is located. Danny, Mary, and I have all awaited his appearances for an hour now. Danny with his legs crossed on the couch before the bay window while The Mistress and I stand before the desk like the students would. Adam continually assuring us that he’ll show shortly, and now, he has, and needless to add, all present here are not in a very chatty mood thanks to his delayed arrival.

    His stubby hand reaching for a handkerchief off screen, returning he wipes over the cross-hair like scar on his scalp, over his left eye. His pink eyes glaring at the three of us as he introduces himself which we need no introduction. Adam fallen asleep now, has awoken, rising his sunglasses to the sound Jimmy Jim’s appearance. Still he’s lounging happily with his feet on my desk and relaxing.

    Midday now, he gives us a smile, “I’m glad I can still ensue as much fear as you can Mary.”

    “Teaching is not about fear but discipline, do not aspire to be able to teach as I can if you do not understand basic principles, Jim.” As cut throat as usual, Mary lays into her old pupil. A laugh comes out of Adam and he shouts at him to get on screen so that he can see him.

    “Not a chance, your ugly enough to listen to, let along look at...” he gains a smug smile while Jimmy Jim coughs, irritated a hand off screen with green nail polish hands him a glass—obviously Jupiter is there with him.

    He takes a drink and thanks her, nodding, then back to us, and back to the business at hand. “Let’s get on with this, Mike, Danny, and Mary, do you know what is happening over at your students school?”

    “I haven't caught them up that far, they just knew to meet here and that we’ll be talking about the future of Mary’s students.”

    A permanent frown etched in Mary’s face shows that she isn’t keen of any idea or will to discuss anything pertaining to her students. It may be for the better but she is law here, nothing changes her mind, or is likely too.

    “Disregard Adam...” He answers, “I’ll explain then. On the night that Paul Westly was dealt with and subsequently Ronald—his son—Adam when to the school to pick up Tom with Mike, isn’t that right?” I answer, “But Adam hung around a while longer, taking a stroll around that lovely football field.”

    “What about the football field?” Mary interrupts.

    “You are all aware of what becomes an area of extreme torment? War Zones, Mass Murders, the jest of it right?” They develop Earth Husks, lately we’ve begun to reclassify what causes a Husk, it’s not just guilt, but any build up of negative emotions by any one or multiple persons.”

    “A Earth Husk is bound to appear at the school,” Danny adds, as a question as he presents his hand, offering that question, which Jim answers with a yes.

    “But there is a larger problem then the Earth Husk.”

    Tapping her cane on the ground the room falls silent, only Danny wasn’t under the Mistress regimen back in the day, so those of us who were are quiet and listen while Danny smiles and chuckles, “what well trained dogs you all are.”

    “Is it safe to assume that because of their age, the student body is constantly developing mixed thoughts and feelings over growing up, progressing from childhood to adult and they are unable to cope so their emotion is given to the earth, thus creating the Earth Husk?”

    It takes a moment for Jimmy Jim to remember he no longer is a student, none of us are but none the less we still fear that cane tap. “Yes, but that isn’t prevalent to what has to be done...what we’ll be doing. We’re not going to stop this one.”

    “What?” I question, stepping forward, “We can’t just brush off this, they are able to do substantial damage to the areas they present themselves. Like you said, war zones are a mess, Adam has experience many of these first hand, we have years of experience with these.”

    Frowning, and pointing a finger directly at me he yells, “Yet you sit here in the boonies on your ass minding your business with an old hag and training students yourself. Isabella helped us and we are truly training our students to deal with these, the fiasco with Paul wouldn’t have happened even with our beginners. Don’t argue this Mike, we have good reason to leave that Husk there, and if you would listen without interrupting you will hear...hell we have worse problems than that, this is beyond what happened in ‘67.” He falls quiet as if he’s dealing with a huge burden one which has been festering.

    “What about the Silver Bridge Collapse?” Her cold stare falls on Jimmy Jim as he’s handed some papers from off screen and he flips through then.

    “Since then, I have striven and dedicated my life to SMILES, I want to train and teach people about our work, and though it we learn ourselves.” Stopping at a page, he pulls it from the staple that held it to the other sheets, holding it before the camera an image of a ghostly skeletal hand and partial forearm is displayed. As hazy as the image is, it does send chills down my spine. “Three of our four top students where tailing the Mothman since sightings of her have become apparent again, a few weeks back this photo was taken from Nine’s cell that depicts the hand and forearm of what we’re calling Being X.”

    Pulling the sheet away from the screen, he pauses, and I gasp, “it’s huge.” a lush forest in the background of the image, a parking lot not far, but enough to give depth and an idea of this things size.”

    “That’s an understatement,” Jim states,” we’ve done some scale tests because of it’s human appendage and compared the size, it’s at least twenty stories tall. But we have no other photos, we got this one as it caught a Husk that the three were following besides.”

    “This it’s like any other Husk...”

    “Guys,” Danny chimes in, and I glace to him, yet he’s pointing at the Mistress who eyes are wide and her mouth ajar, “I think she’s broken...”

    “Mary” I’m the first to ask and Jim smiles.

    “What is it that you know about this thing?”

    More slamming her cane into the floor that a mere tap, when she lifts it, I see an indentation in the wood planks, and she composes herself before speak, which is shaken at first, but slowly steady out. “That is an abomination...this is what our meeting is about, not the future of the students what so ever.” Shaking her head, she elaborates, “Being X is as good as name as anything for that...but you see now that Sophia was not the cause of the collapse, she must have been tailing this thing the whole time and we have not seen it because it lacked energy. Having absorbed enough, its going to become visible.”

    “We have guessed that much and we are sorry to place blame on Sophia at the time, but understand none of us knew exactly was she was either.”

    “They are only names to give us understanding.” She responds, “but this is also about who you are looking for, Lily was it?”

    Jim bolts from his chair and looks me dead in the eyes, “what did you tell her.”

    “Nothing poor boy,” Mary answers, “I hear rumors as anyone would, some whom talk louder than others,” her eyes glace ever so slightly at Adam who looks like he’s just seen a ghost. “What I know about Being X is that she is who you are looking for, that is Lily.”

    Jim plops down in his chair, “how...just what are you getting at?”

    “Before Sophia, Lily was confused to say the least, she never understood herself and those around her...this may sound convoluted but this is what I have gathered in my own research which I am happy to present to you. I am not some old hag.”

    “True or not, it’s something for us to go on.” A women voices from sounds though the screen and Jim agrees.

    “Tell us then, what of her?”

    Clearing her thought, “Lily made a pact with a demon, and her soul was stripped from her body, cursed to roam. In return she gained power, but that power is of a mindless Husk. That is what Lily became, the rest is shrouded in mystery. Oh, and the demon she made a pact with, named Saul.”

    None of us want to speak, none of us want to cut this tension that has percolate in the air around us, but Mary grows distressed as none of us have anything to add, I mean how would we? I know nothing about Lily or Being X. “We can’t stop it.”

    “Damn...” Adam says.

    Danny now standing and smiles, “Well that is where we came back to the Earth Husk. His voice soft, as he speaks, “You don’t mind if I explain what you told me earlier do you Jimmy Jim?”

    “Shoot.” He responds, “Although choose your words wisely.”

    “Bull-eye, here told me just how we will try to stop it,” Lifting his hand and setting it on the desk, it fazes though the wood. “I have a polarized soul, I can pass though any solid, my ability extends from there though, like magnets”

    I never knew he had any harmony, I knew he was a good mortician…

    “Get on with it, what about magnets?”

    “This,” Jimmy Jim holds up one of the quartz crystals which we use often, yet this one, neither white or black, is red. “We’re going to try and seal Being X in a quartz crystal.”

    “Let me finish,” Danny barks back, his feminine voice weirdly irritated. “Einstein...Moris I mean came up with the idea, based in science. What we will be doing is leading it to the Earth Husk at the school, it’s already on that path as it is, and by allowing it to absorb the Husk, at that time we will encase it in a World, with a quartz crystal inside and try to compress that World...all of us, your students included,” he nods at the Mistress.

    “Which is why Eve is taking over, sure you can supervise but Eve will be in charge of furthering their training as of now, we’d like to have them Full Harmonize by the time it reaches here.” Jim sits back, resting as he watches the Mary’s reaction.

    “We’re not bound to anything you want us to do...”

    “Yes we are,” Mary answers, “I gave them the deed to the house to stay out of my hair...guess in my old age I could not foresee such an event as this happening.

    I’m stunned by her ease to give up, I hate Jimmy Jim, he was a brute to all of us before he spit during the Silver Bridge Collapse and some of the others soon followed, only I stayed behind.

    “This is blackmail!” I yell at him and he laughs, “we’re all friends here, you’re just taking it differently. The safety of that school is our top priority right now. At the rate Being X is moving, we have till winter, so plenty of time to get things sorted out.”

    “We still plan on moving Tanya, right?” Adam leans over the desk, looking at the screen from above.

    “Since Eve is now staying here, yes, we have to keep those two apart, that’s going to take a few weeks though, all the paper work is a hassle because of her time there.”

    “Wait...she’s still in the area?” I question.

    “We’re getting sidetracked.” Mary mumbles, “is there anything further? Need I remind you that you were an hour late to this call.”

    “No, I have covered everything I want to, if you are so busy your free to leave. Danny, you are free to go as well, I have a few last things to tie up with these two idiots.”

    “Hihi,” Danny answers, with a wave, and is the first one out the door, while Mary lingers before signing, only now noticing the mark she made on the floor a while earlier.

    “Mike make sure it’s fixed by the end of the week...” and with that she to leaves.

    “Adam, go make sure she is gone.” Adam salutes no one in particular and goes around my desk, towards the door and opens it, peering out he turns.

    “No one’s there captain.”

    “Why you…” he says shaking his head with such disapproval, when a knock comes to the door. He frowns and I answer.

    “We’re busy.”

    “I know,” His voice muffled by the close door, “but I have some interesting news.” It’s Erin, “Dad, you need to hear it.” He’s speaking directly to Adam now, “It’s important.”
    2,201 Words

    This, as well as the following chapter lays the ground work for what will be happening in the rest of the kind of just worked this way, from the first to the second draft, there were so many inconsistency, this draft is getting rid of them. So this chapter is probably the most important chapter for the story. I'm also calling the big baddy of this story, Being X, to once again honor the Youjo Senki.

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    Part 4: Erin
    The door opens for me as my father ushers me in. A smiling old man on a computer screen before me and Mike turning to greet me. Shutting the door behind me, he walks around and stops me before I can proceed any further. His brows knit. “What have you been into?”

    “You’ve been estranged for years, Adam,” I use his name to leave an impact but he doesn’t budge, his cocky grin remaining, his eyes hidden behind his shades and not letting any emotions escape, but his tone, arrogant.

    “I still like to know what is happening with you two,” he now approaches me, cupping my head in his hands, “such as that eye of yours.” He slams his forehead into mine as I stumble backwards, rubbing my forehead.

    “What the hell...”

    “Tell us what is so important, you can bond with your father later.” the man on the screen yells and my father growls only to be silenced by a piercing glare from this pink eyed man. “I am Jimmy Jim Picard, your father is my employee and Mary and Mike are business partners. I am the leader of SMILES, perhaps you’ve heard of me.”

    “Bits and pieces,” I answer, approaching. “Best for everyone to hear then.” Glancing at Mike, then Adam who as taken a seat on the couch. “I met with that person who helped during your mothers arrival.”

    My dad rises a brow, his eyes hidden by his shades, and leans in, “why is this important right now?”

    “Oh, trust me, this is important,” Jimmy Jim answers, “Adam, what was it that Eve told you about this woman?”

    “Her abilities aren’t caused by Harmony like ours are.” He replies.

    “Yes that, it’s curious that she showed up, but more so because she is looking for who we are.”

    “You mean Lily,” Mike answers and it’s my turn to question them.

    “Who is Lily.”

    “That is what I would like to know as well, why are you looking for this woman?”

    “This isn’t something we need to discuss right now...Erin was it, what else do you have for us, anything?”

    I’m silent as I ponder what else there is to bring up, “Marie Mayflower, if Eve hasn’t told you her name already, she is looking for Lily, and well...the Mistress has claimed to know who Marie is.”

    “But she also told us already who Lily is...”Adam adds. “So we wait till after Being X?”

    “Adam!” the man on screen yells and my father twirls his hand, always being relaxed. “Kid, this whole conversation is confidential, got it? And Adam, we can’t if Being X has no voice.”

    “Bite me,” he answers, but he perks up, his mind working as he speaks to Mike now, “Wanna make a wager?”

    Mike returns a confused look and Adam explains, some of which I have no understanding of, about sealing this Being X. “You think that memories are stored in the Purified Crystals, why not try it out on Being X that is after we seal her...if she really is Lily and we can get her memories...”

    “How?” Jimmy Jim asks in place of Mike, “how do you expect us to try and see memories inside of a crystal…

    “You’ve never tried it?” Mike asks.

    “No, and with what evidence you claim there is, we need to have someone eat the crystal like Naomi did and wait some years to see any progress. This isn’t something to play around with.”

    He shakes his head and Mike rolls his eyes, “your brain dead…you must be.”

    “Erin,” My fathers speaks with me, clearly annoyed with how things are tuning out and wanting to change the subject, his tone is lower as his lips begin moving, “what is wrong with that eye of yours, Danny, Mike, even the Mistress has gotten on my case about that thing, what are you doing to cause your Eye to blot out like that?”

    “I don’t know.”

    Mike smiles, “You know exactly what you’ve been doing, even Eve has mentioned it, we’re all concerned.”

    I have no answer for them, I don’t even understand what I’ve been doing over the past few years. “I...I guess it would begin with reading a report I saw on your computer years ago...” I point at his screen, “something about someone—who I now know is Naomi herself—eating a purified quartz crystal.” Adam rises his hand, slipping the glove off.

    “Were you trying to achieve an embedded one?”

    I shake my head, “no, I was confused, and I guess I still am since I continued.”

    “What did you eat and why,” My father asks. “You may be confused but I know you always have a reason for what you do.”

    “Those shards we would pull from Fate...” I answer, “we have a ton of them lying about.”

    He stands, in an instant and then stares at Jimmy Jim before landing on me. “You’ve been taking those thanks to some bogus research Marisa did?”

    “It’s clearly not bogus, Adam!” Mike yells, “you saw the evidence first hand when you wipe Naomi’s memories. You wanted to do a wager just a second ago based on that bogus research, perhaps you believe it to be true?”

    He has no words for him, standing here, I watch as my father fumes, a vain revealing it’s self on his forehead. “Erin, how many Taint Shards are around, and how many have you eaten?

    “Currently, about twenty, and over the years since I saw that research and tried, I’ve eaten around two hundred forty six.”

    “That’s more than enough for a Cluster to with that first Adam.” Jimmy Jim directs at him and he nods in agreement.

    “Cluster?” Both Mike and I ask in unison.

    “A shapeless blob that’s like a Husk but can only be done in if completely destroyed, they have no soul, they are nothing like Husks, they are pure emptiness.” My father now approaches me, “tell me, are there any adverse effects to you eating all those shards, and your reasoning?”

    He’s a tall man, not much taller than I but staring up to him, I respond, “I wanted to belong here, I didn’t like that I was kept out because I never experienced death as the others have, even Tom...that freaking hamster got him his Harmony.”

    My dad bursts into laughter, and what tension was in the room is vanquished, “that bloody hamster death is how he got his Harmony, why didn’t he say so...”

    “Probably this reaction right here,” I answer sorely, “you’re not the best father you know.”

    “Either way,” he stops, wiping a tear from under his shades, “so then, what are the affects or do I have to repeat myself?”

    “I’m a god,” I answer him plainly and he frowns.

    “Don’t joke about that.”

    The room is silent once more as all eyes are on me, “what are you saying?” Jimmy Jim asks.

    I let out a sigh, I have been keeping this quiet for at least a year now, since the changes started happening every time I would eat a Taint Shard, but now, I have a bit of control, still it’s painful to shape shift into it. “I’ll spare the details because I don’t even understand it myself but, I have been studying this, Harmony,” I’m staring at the palm of my hand when I close it quickly, everything about it really, but this, this throws everything I thought out. I hand thought I pin pointed when Harmony began, but since learning about Soul Husks and this...I am a god, I kid you now. Anubis.”

    “An Egyptian god?”

    “I look just like the god when I eat a Taint Shard...”

    Their eyes all piercing me as I’m wondering what I should do now, “I’ve told you dad, so can I get onto the last bit of information?”

    Only more silences, but Jimmy Jim cues me to continue. “Go ahead we can sort out everything else later.”

    “I believe there is a Husk, and close to the mansion, I know my abilities, this changing into Anubis isn’t like Harmony like you guys know it, but I think I sensed a Husk close by, I think it’s big and since the others have no idea about it, I figured they couldn’t sense it.”

    “You kids do lack a lot of standard knowledge about Harmony. It’s not surprising you can’t sense...”

    “I can’t sense it.”

    “Me either,” Adam adds.

    He quiets down, “are you telling me you two can’t sense a Husk. This can’t be possible.”

    “This is unlikely but could it be the same Husk that appeared years ago after your sisters death?” Adam questions.

    “If that were the case, it would be after Naomi then…”

    “This can’t all be coincidences, you two, this is planned. It can’t be anything but planned. Being X, Lily, Mothman and now this Husk. We have to act quickly.” He looks at me, “We have this under control, more or less...I have to get going, you guys finish up here. Adam report back to me with your findings.”

    “Can I use one of them, I think we will need it.”

    “Sure.” He responds and the screen goes black. Mike is sitting in his chair, turning the screen back around and looking distressed.

    “He should have been deal with long ago...”

    “We couldn’t do anything, he’s an anomaly of a Husk, one that can conceal his presents.” He has pulled out his cellphone and begun pressing numbers and before long a voice comes though, a young girl’s voice who is giggling.

    “Adam! Picasso just hit a tree.”

    “Nine, listen up, you are to divert from them, come directly here, I have job for you.”

    “But I’m not that dumb...”

    “That’s not the point right now, just get here, today.” He’s strict with the girl, “you’ll be locating and tailing a new Husk.”

    “Got it.” She sings as Adam hangs up.

    “You can go now, we to war buddies need to talk a few more things out.”

    I’m perplexed, but they know what they are doing, and I don’t want Naomi in danger, it was good I came to them with that bit of information...there rest, they’re free to do with as they please. I just don’t want to see any more trauma done to her. Fate is enough of an issue.

    “Oh, Erin, I know Jim said everything is confidential, but feel free to tell the others about Eve training you guys.” Mike comments but I give him a confused look.

    1,761 Words

    ...These last 3 chapters are more or less half assed, either way I am moving on, I can sort it out later.
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    Part 5: Miia
    At first I was caution around her, wondering what exactly that Adam man did to her on our way home from that storm...what else could you call it? Yet my suspicions have faded, and so to my caution. I know not to bring up the incident and we talk, laugh, poke fun at each other as we use to. She’s not fazed, and the only true change is that she tells me she can no longer see Husks, or something called the Third Eye which she explained a bit but I don’t understand it.

    Nothing is different, yet, as we walk and as I observe the other students in the halls, an unsettling feeling has enveloped me.

    “Naomi, answer me truthfully, you don’t feel anything is off. Like a Husk is about?”

    Shaking her head she stares down at me, “if a Husk is around, the others will deal with it. My Uncle and the Mistress told me that for my abilities to return I must wait. I do not want to wait but I want to have my Harmony back, it was fun training with the others.”

    Leaning over, and staring up at her, I part my mouth, wanting to say more but nothing comes as I shiver. “You can’t tell me you haven't noticed the cold patches though, even when we’re not under vents?”

    “I dress well, and in’s getting colder every day with winter approaching. I maybe overdressed even, how do you guys stand it here?”

    Agreeing, she is from Hawaii, a warm climate area and as fall slips into winter, the weather here gets colder and colder, but I’m use to that, wearing short and a hoodie, sometimes off, sometimes on, it’s how I like to dress, year round actually. How does she stand the heat? “So, are you denying that I feel cold...colder than usual or no?”

    “Um...yes?” She answers, a confused smile surfacing. “do you think it’s related to this Husk?”

    “No, but on TV they say ghost cause cold spots so it could be a ghost...” Catching myself, I bit the inside of my lip and wince. I can’t bring up Ronald.

    “I can ask the others.”

    “Why not ask if I can join you guys. I can see Husks vaguely.”

    “No harm in asking.” She answers, stopping as I take a few steps more before noticing we’re at our next class already, Gym—the last class of the day.

    Opening the thick wooden door to the girls locker room and rounding the corner we’re met with may other girls all in different states of undress and dressed, some already in their gym close, and some not. Yet loud as ever, damn we’re loud. Our lockers are separated by a section of more lockers by we’re both at the end of the row, so we can easily chat. They’re the small square kind, a foot deep and with a pad lock on front, spinning the dial, I get my open and grab my cloths, stripping and shoving that back in, I lock up then walking around the wall of lockers to meet up with Naomi on the other side when I hit someone, apologizing I have to do a double take, as I see no one in front of me when Naomi appears from around the lockers, “say something?”

    “No,” I answer, looking around a bit as I feel the cold patch again, goosebumps spreading across my body which makes Naomi stare before she too starts to change. A quiet laugh erupts from this entity and I pin point the sound as Naomi slips her gym shirt on.

    “You’re a ghost,” I whisper, “I know someone is there.”

    “Can’t prove anything,” the female’s voice sails though the air, only reaching me.

    “Who are you?”

    “Don’t you need to change.” the voice asks.

    Still partially nude, I pull on my shorts and top, “done,” my voice sly, “now tell me who you are.”

    “A ghost.” she answers, and I feel her cold finger dig into my side, “always neat to see goosebumps.

    “Stop that,” I half laugh as her small fingers begin tickling my side and I have to knock them away, she’s young…


    Looking back to my friend she too is completely dressed and ready, as am I. “Sorry, just talking to myself...”

    “The first signs of going mental,” the girl’s voice says and I glare back to the emptiness of the room behind me. A girl is there, and Naomi can’t see, or hear her, no one seems to be able to, it’s only me.

    How ever right the girl is, I shake the feeling, I ignore the cold air and I press forward, right behind Naomi as we and the other girls file out of the locker room and into the gym, waiting for the teacher now.

    Back against the wall, the boys follow in suit across the gym and I’m surprised, today will be joint class with the three different gym coaches, how can I tell, some of the students here, mainly being Erin. I nudge Naomi in the side and point to him, while she freezes up upon sighting him and then turning around, to face the wall, but I notice what she is hiding, she’s blushing, did something happen between them that she hasn’t told me?

    The girl giggles and this is the first time that Naomi looks around, “See, I told you...”

    We’re called over to begin class before I can say anything more. We line up in rows, all three of our classes, six rows, five columns per class. Yet I think the column I’m in has one extra as she begins humming, while the teacher paces, telling us what we’ll be doing today before we begin our regular warm-ups. Telling us we’ll be practicing badminton with the other classes. Stretching, then jumping jacks followed by squats and push-ups, then sit-ups. Lastly ending with laps around the nets on the outskirts of the gym until we’re called back.

    I paired with Naomi for the sit-ups and now that we are up and running I match her pace even though she is a hell of a lot faster that I. That cool air still following us, it’s a few more laps before Erin decide to catch up. That being key—catching up—because as he tries and he does have a height advantage on both of us, Naomi is able to keep ahead of him and I’m not sure if she’s trying to flirt but it sure seems that way.

    Trying to keep peace with these tall people I do fall behind. But Naomi keeps that pace, lapping me once, Erin a few yards behind I catch a glimpse of that cool air. Actual air, almost like frost as the voice chimes in, but this time, strained, urgent, something is wrong…

    “All we’ve got in a few seconds.”

    The sounds of everyone running fades, and the room becomes empty besides Naomi, Erin and I, and one other who I can’t make out, she’s small, this must be that ghost. Naomi slowing down now as she’s laps me but just barely when a long snake like tail whips from out of nowhere at her.

    “Naomi!” Erin yells, picking up the pace from behind us and I’m about to dash forward as the ghost darts in front of the attack, fully visible now in this small girl in blue jean shorts and a white blouse with a blue vest over it, two icicle like wings floating just behind her back. Her hair a patchwork of blue and pink cut just above the nape of the neck, yet still feminine looking.

    An eruption of cold air flowing from where the attack met this girls outstretched hands, yet, the whip was able to reach around enough to knock the eager Erin out of where ever we are. a yell comes from him as he vanishes to.

    All over in an instant, the sounds of running begins to slow and everyone has turned their attention onto Erin who was flung across the room seemly by nothing to the others but to Naomi and I, we saw that, Erin saw that thing and was hurt, all I hear is an “oops” from the girl then nothing. Both of us dashing over to him, we see cracked bleachers behind him, made of wood and folded against the wall to save space, when out they reach the court but being cracked, the wood is splintered, and Erin is lying in front the impact unconscious.

    The other students whispering, it’s the coach who pulls out a cell and dials 911 while the other two coach’s approach and start to tend to him, really what everyone is staring at is his right leg which is bent in a way no human leg should be. Naomi brings a hand over her mouth while I’m absolutely stunned it all happened in the blink of an eye yet, why?

    “A World,” Naomi says though her hand, “to minimize damage, Eve mentioned that they can create Worlds.”
    1,518 Words

    This chapter actually replaces two chapters from the previous draft, and in the previous draft it was a bit darker, I guess this continues to lightheartedness. Although it's lewder in a way, girls locker room. Besides this is a nice introduction to Nine who was introduced later on in the first draft but in the last chapter in this draft. Plus this is moving us away from Naomi being the main character, and drifting us to Erin. I just have to make it less apparent with Erin.

    Also Nine's character is based off Cirno, opposite though, where Cirno is dumb and acts smart, Nine is smart and claims she is dumb.

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