Short Story The Cyclid Ambush

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    Hey guys, its been a while. But ive become a part of a community that is creating their entire universe filled with aliens and all kind of wars. Someone created a race called cyclids. Wheel lizards and I made a little story about a rebellion of some sort
    The patrol was close, this ambush was planned over a couple of days but still the silence was heavy on the chest. There were only five officers and ten of them, but they had nothing but tools to fight while their enemy had full armor, up to date weapons and more. The fight was going to be hectic, but if they won it could mean the start of the rebellion. The start of an actual chance, something they couldn’t pass up. It was only seconds away, mere seconds before the start of a shot at freedom.

    A snap, the trap was sprung and time to get into action. The spade in hand his wheel started spinning. In mere seconds Gormer and his group went for the 5 men one of which was stuck in a rope. His weapons on the floor, helpless in the air. Then shots were heard, four of them and with those four shots four bodies on the floor. Blood flew through the air before they were even able to reach them. But Gormer didn't give up. The shovel landed on the side of the officer's face. Nothing that his armor couldn't handle but it was enough to distract him only slightly. Gormers hands went for his gun. Now a struggle started. It was him and the officer struggling for control over the weapon, while the others were having their own fights with the men one of his friends quickly reached for the dropped weapon. But before he could even fire it the upside down officer grabbed his neck and pulled him upwards only to snap his neck a couple of moment afterwards.

    The battle they were fighting was starting to become more desperate and desperate as now it was 5 on 5. Something they expected but that didn't make it easier. Finally Gormer succeeded in taking the weapon of the officer. With a quick pull of the trigger he shot through the man's chest. Besides his shot another one was heard but this one was fired on another of his comrades. And swiftly after another fell. It was now 3 for them and 4 for the soldiers. But their attention was now focussed on gormer. They tried to pull their weapon to Gormer, but they were distracted by the two other soldiers. And before they could shoot another time Gormer shot another. As soon as the soldier fell gormers friend took the weapon. But their last ally got shot. Now it was two on two a fight they really couldn't lose. Gormer launched another shot but this time he missed. It was more distance and he wasn't used to the range of the weapon. With immense speed the soldier moved away behind cover. The armor almost looked like it made his form shift creating a moment of distraction, a slight blur in your vision as he moved. Only Gormer was fast enough to react and moved behind cover as well, but not before shooting the man caught in the trap. He wasn't going to lose this fight. At least that is what he hoped, it was now just him and the soldier. A man with training versus a farmer with a gun. But he had a weapon, something he could bring back to the resistance. He even picked up the weapon of the other soldier. So he decided to try to go as fast as he could and flee. His wheel spun as he started running. He was unskilled maybe, but he wasn’t weak his life on the farm gave him at least as much strength as this soldier. So he fled towards the mountain side. But as he run he heard shots fired at him. The soldier wasn't going to let him live. Gormer raced as fast as he could, but right after he turned around a corner he stopped. It was now or never he thought as he pointed both guns in front of him. Ready to fire on anything that moved past. And sure enough in a blur the soldier appeared right in front of him, taking a sharp turn to be able to go full speed after him. As soon as he noticed Gormer pulled both triggers. With almost unnatural precision he hit his target, it might have been fear or adrenaline. But whatever it was the soldier was dead on the floor as he crashed into a rock with immense speed. Gormer collapsed on the floor staring at the body, nine of their men died but because of their death. There was a slight shimmer of hope in their rebellion
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