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    Welcome to the world of the Drifters

    I am looking for 3 other role players to join me in this exploration and combat focused roleplay. I intend to make his work as interactive as possible. SO i will be keeping certain things close to the game, like the weapons and power level. Even though there is going to be 4 of us i want us to work as a group to take down enemies. As for the stories i will tell them through the world we are in, in this world there are 4 different path to this massive city/ruin each section much different from the last.
    The east, flooded city ruines
    The north, Mountains and temples covered in snow
    The west, Dense Woodland Infested with a green Crystal
    The south, Unkown
    you will all have a companion robot to assist you you in your travels as well as one melee weapon and a fire are that you are very proficient in using.

    Sign up:

    body type:
    cloak color: (please use one of these use in game, http://hyperlightdrifter.wikia.com/wiki/Outfits)
    sword color: (same with the outfits wiki, if you sword or cloak has a benefit and you want to relate that to your character feel free)
    companion color:
    Firearm: (Please pick from one of these http://hyperlightdrifter.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Weapons?display=exhibition&sort=mostvisited)

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