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    Hey everyone!

    That is right, it is me again. And I had a new idea called the M.M.U. as a basic description it is a love story that involves the digital and real world in conjunction. It is not like your normal reincarnated in another world but the reason why might be hidden until further in. Anyway I wrote the first chapter and wanted to see if people could give some feedback:

    I finally came home after a long day of work, my room nothing more than an old rusted metal bed frame with an uncomfortable mattress on top, a wooden closet that stood out against the dark interior with its flaked red paint, a fluorescent light above that emitted dim cold light throughout the entire room and a small box which contained most of my important belongings. One of the items inside was a new small electronic chip that I recently bought after days of work, not even knowing if this game was worth it. Nevertheless my body felt the aching of the ten hour day of physical work and I needed something to wind down, now was just as good of a time to try the device as ever. Despite the springs that were poking in my back I eventually managed to get comfortable as I put the device on my temple, slowly closing my eyes as I pressed the side of my head.

    “Multi-Meta-Universe, welcome to your new life, away from the dark clouds, away from the demons inside and find your new family! Become the best you that there has ever been and discover the many worlds of M.M.U” The welcome message popped up right in front of my face as if to remind me of the game I bought only a couple of days ago. The bright blue colors almost blinded me as the world around me started materializing before my eyes. Everything seemed to hit me at once, the sound of people walking through the street, the smell of wet pavement and the constant dripping of water from the sky. At first glance I was confused, everything felt and seemed so real, yet I knew that this world is nothing but a simulation of my once beautiful planet. The people that walked the streets all seemingly moved with purpose, direction, desire. I felt lost, in my fear of judgment of others I started walking as if I had that same desire, that same sense of purpose. Looking back at it now it feels like I knew where I was heading.

    I managed to find myself in another room, something akin to a park, yet I recognized none of the flowers or trees as if I found myself on an alien planet untouched by the spoils of humanity. Inside the rain seemed to disappear almost instantaneously as did my sense of being wet. A pleasant, sweet smell wafted over me. “Are those… actual real flowers?” It went through my mind as I searched, following my sense of smell much like the dogs of ancient tales spoke about. My hand reached down instinctively and picked the small fragile thing up, bringing it to my nose to let the smell wash over me once more. A sense of joy that I never felt before came over me, I knew it was all not real, yet at the same time it was more real to me than anything had ever been. My moment of bliss was interrupted by a voice of a woman, it was a gentle, soft spoken voice, like they were actively trying to be careful with every single word. “New here?” The words shook me out of my amazement as I turned to find what looked to be a woman in her mid 20’s, her hair was a deep brown that could draw you in if you stared at it too long. Her face was covered in small freckles that covered her nose as a soft blanket on a cold night. Yet the thing my eyes were drawn to the most were her own, one was the same deep brown matching her hair and the other was a bright green that put the colors of the plants around to shame. “Are you?” She asked again, this time a little bit more confused than before. “Ah, Eehm, Yes I am. How could you tell?” There was a hint of doubt in my voice, clear enough for even myself to pick up. “Because everyone does that” Her index finger pointing at the flower that was still in my hand, sitting as if it was never plucked from the ground at all. “The first thing is always the flowers. The second thing is the mirror” She spoke as if what she was saying was a fact, as if every single person that came here would follow the same steps, I looked at her with confusion clearly on my face as she started laughing, a joyful laugh like you would normally only hear from children playing down the halls, a laugh that when you hear it relaxes you almost instantly, I couldn't help but start laughing as if her laugh was infectious, it made me genuinely laugh, a laugh I haven't had in a long time. “Here, take a look” Spontaneously a mirror seemed to appear in her hand, making me jump backwards, bringing my hand to my side for a moment before I realized what she was holding. It was a mirror, yet it was hard to recognize the man that was staring back at me, his beard clean shaven, a stronger jawline, the two scars that were supposed to be on his right cheek no longer there. The man inside the reflection was handsome, unwithered by the elements yet it was clearly me and as my eyes trailed off into the corner of the mirror to make sure that nothing else was there besides us her voice popped back up. “M.M.U remember? Become the best you that there has ever been?” I held my hand back to my face and looked, just to make sure that what I was seeing was actually true and not some trick played by the strange woman I just met. It was the first time I really looked at the reflection to just see myself, whether it was the bathroom, a clean window or a pool of still water, reflections always scared me, I was afraid to see if I was really alone in the room or not, as if something could jump out of the corner I had just seen without looking in the mirror.

    Suddenly the mirror that I was looking at was pulled away, only for me to stare at the same person that was previously holding the mirror in the face, her face was completely neutral, like she was observing me the same way I was observing myself. There was an attempt at eye contact before she again broke down with laughter as she tried to regain her composure. “Sorry, Sorry, It is just really fun to mess with people that just started” It was surprising to me, I felt no irritation at her carefree attitude where otherwise I would, instead it made me feel at ease. It all seemed to come so natural to her, as if acting like this was something she had always done and always will do. “It is okay, Where exactly are we right now?” At this point I couldn’t care less about being lost, seeing as the woman seemed to know right away that I never actually played before, if anyone could help me navigate through this place it would be the woman that is definitely not new here. “Oh! We are in the Xeno Forest, originally made by someone that liked an old movie somewhere, but it just gets used as a park nowadays” She slowly moved towards one of the many benches that were sprinkled through this alien flora and fauna and sat down, expecting me to follow and sit down with her. I hesitated for a moment, everything was so calm and so safe that it almost felt dangerous. After a couple of seconds had passed I realized that I was overthinking things, nothing here could harm me, even if the woman was to suddenly show ill intent. My mind battled with the thought for only a moment and as it did my body moved, sitting down next to her as if any caution was thrown out of the wind. A simple smile colored her face like it was rewarding me for approaching her and sitting down. “It’s one of the most quiet parks on M.M.U. so I visit it every now and again before going to my rooms.” Silence crept through the conversation for a moment. “Rooms?” They were things that were not familiar to me, at least not in the concept she was using them. “You really are new arent you? Come, I’ll show you around” Before she even managed to finish her sentence she grabbed my hand and started slowly tugging me out of this exotic park.

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