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    As Surgeon started up the car she noticed the little girl run towards the car but Surgeon swiftly and calmly locked the doors. The girl being too young to damage the car in a significant way. However as she tried to go up the parking garage she was met with a car standing in the middle of the ramp. There were no signs of movement in the car. Yet it was clear that the engine of the car was still running. The girl was still a long way back so Surgeon did not really worry about her. She would have to get out and move the car somehow. Surgeon had yet to face a fully grown infected so she wasn't sure if she could take one on. Her hand went for her horn but realized that the sound might draw unwanted attention. If any infected are around then they might come swarming on the sound, she would have to get out and just check herself. She wasn't one of those americans that had two guns in the back of her car much to her disappointment right now. With a single push she swung the door wide open. The girl was still waggling towards the car but her pace was slow enough that Surgeon should have enough time. Her steps were light and careful, not wanting to alarm whatever was inside the vehicle if anything at all. Slowly but surely moving towards the driver's seat. Nothing was inside that she could see, nothing was shattered and nothing was broken. This only told her one thing, someone abandoned the car while not infected. Her doctor instincts started to show as she started thinking about the infection rate of this disease and if these people could even be cured for their affliction. Would it be a disease like rabies or would it be some more supernatural virus like the ones that they often talk about on TV or movies. But she quickly snapped back into action as she looked behind her. It was clear that the girl did not want to give up on her chase, she was now running towards Surgeon, if this was an adult she would have been screwed, her zoning out might have cost her an arm or leg or worse. Caution was not something that was on the table anymore as the girl approached, she looked into the car and noticed the keys… they were still there. Her hands immediately reached them to start it, the vehicle roaring loudly as it turned on. The sound did not affect Surgeon in the slightest, as she recklessly drove the car up to the ramp, she barely missed one of the vehicles that was parked to the side as she stepped out and ran back to her own car. To her suprise the little girl was right there infront of her once more. But with one swift kick into the girls stomach she fell and collapsed on the floor, rolling down the ramp like a doll. Surgeon swiftly jumped into her car and started it up. In her back mirror she noticed the little girl stand back up, luckily it was far too late as Surgeon swiftly drove to the exit of the parking garage

    So that is finished, I am happy to tell you all we are at about 8500 words right now and the story is finally getting properly excited, you have seen that I got some artwork finished for this story before, but I am looking for a more detailed artist at this moment, hopefully finding one soon

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