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    I just finished Endymion from the Hyperion Cantos. And I've just begun Rise of Endymion. It's my first serious foray into science fiction. I enjoyed Endymion although from what I gather it's a bit tamer than the first two Hyperion novels. It definitely had a riverboat journey feel, but through sci-fi worlds thing going. The writing reminded me a lot of Alan Moore's Promethea. I intend to read the first two novels of the series, but the last two were all my library had in stock. Fortunately the context of the first two was not required to enjoy Endymion.
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    I started reading comics for the first time in a while.

    I started with the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel run from 2014, which was good stuff. Very similar to the early Spider-Man material in terms of both the theming and vibe of the whole shebang. The art is really charming, with people regressing into a very cartoonish style when the point of view is zoomed away from them. I'll get around to the 2015 run at some point, just gotta decide if I'm gonna read through All-New All-Different Avengers first.

    Next up I dug into Rogue & Gambit, and its immediate sequel Mr. and Mrs. X. I had a ton of fun reading these two, the titular duo being some of my favorite Marvel characters. In the former, the two have to 'pose' as a troubled couple on a couple's retreat for mutants - pretty fantastic concept for them, and one that I haven't seen in a comic before. I also read X-Men Gold #30 between the two series, as it features the surprise wedding of Rogue and Gambit, in place of an advertised Kitty Pryde and Colossus. That was very cool, and Mr. and Mrs. X begins with their honeymoon and follows them through married life for twelve issues. Both were a lot of fun.

    The last run that I finished up was Avengers Arena, a sort-of (actually literally) clone of Battle Royale where Arcade kidnaps 16 teenage characters and tries to force them to fight to the death. We're talking mostly C-list Marvel, like Hazmat and Cullen Bloodstone, with the occasional B-tier character thrown in, such as X-23 and my boy Darkhawk - conspicuously like 30 years old in canon when this book came around. It serves as a follow up to a few books, Avenger's Academy and the like. Because of that, even though I didn't personally read them, I find some aspects of the book rather annoying. For example, very minor spoiler - Red Raven II appears as one of the 16 - and she tries to fly away from the start out of panic, only to crash into an invisible ceiling, break her neck, and die - she's just dead. That to me is so shitty to anyone who might've liked that character - and she's not the only one either - it just comes off like a big fuck you a lot of times. With that said, it was still pretty well written, and my main man Taskmaster even got a small cameo, for which I literally put my hands together and started clapping like a dummy, so I can't be too bitter about it all.

    I'd like to read some more stuff, but I haven't quite put my finger on anything yet. Perhaps that last Hawkeye run, or maybe I can finally finish the 90s run of Spider-Man 2099. I dunno yet, but it's been fun to get back into it.

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