What was the last movie you watched?

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Shadow Fox, May 27, 2016.

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    pretty much my approach to any movie i go see these days. I dont do reviews before hand. Critics generally hate scifi/superhero movies and i want to limit spoilers to just the trailers. So baiscally i avoid any reviews and just go see the movies i want to see. about the only one i had to agree with was solo a star wars story. It wasnt bad but it certainly wasnt good. rogue one was definitely a better movie tonally and executed better

    I finished jurassic world fallen kingdom last weekend. Fun romp. looking forward to part 3 in a year and half or so. I've been flipping between rogue one and thor ragnoarok on netflix while watching otherstuff this weekend. Havent finished them i this sitting yet. i do have both on bluray of course but while im waiting for another show to start i like to dive in to some stuff i dont know word for word yet.

    Oh and im kicking myself for not getting SOLO on bluray while i was at bestbuy this morning :D I didnt realize it was on disc already but i was buying ink and megaman 11 and forgot about after i passed it.
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    Had a seven hour flight back home so got to watch a few flicks. The first one was The Miracles of the Namiya General Store. I really liked this one, a kind of time travel story about three delinquents that hide out in a long abandoned store after robbing a home. When a letter arrives in the mail slot while they are there the story begins. Apparently the store owner would offer advice to letters left in the mail slot, right up to his death in 1980. Answers to general questions would be posted on the bulletin board outside the store, more personal answers would be left in the milk box on the side. The twist? It's now 2012 and these three have just gotten a letter asking for advice. Thinking it's some kind of joke, one of them decides to answer the letter. As the letters start to go back and forth we learn that somehow they are going from 1980 to the present and back. We also learn of a special connection between the store, the stories and a local orphanage along with everyone we encounter. There are a lot of touching moments and, as you might guess, some redemption in the end.

    The second film I watched for maybe five minutes at most. It was a live action version of Gintama. The first few minutes were introduction, demi-human aliens invaded and took control of Earth, humans are forbidden to own weapons and are forced into servitude. Well, the aliens look like people in dollar store Halloween costumes and the acting is horrible. After the intro the narrator says as much so there was hope for improvement. Back to the story and it's still awful. Dropped that one real quick.

    The next one was better, a lighter comedy, maybe a little stupid but overall a lot better to watch. This was Neko Ninja, the story of a boy whose ninja father stole a scroll with the secret of shapeshifting from the master of the clan and disappeared. The boy decided to run away in search of his father and encounters a cat that he believes his father has turned into. For the rest of the movie we see the boy, now grown up, still carrying the cat with him everywhere he goes as he is being pursued by members of the clan trying to recover the scroll. This was fun to watch with much better acting and dialog than Gintama.

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