Xbox Series X

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Shadow Fox, Dec 15, 2019.

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    No real specs have been shared with the public yet, but we have a few things we know about it. It's roughly 4 inches on each side and about 12' tall by my calculations based on the size compared to the controller. The CPU is rumored to be up to 4x more powerful and the gpu 2x. And it will play games at 4k resolution with the ability to create an 8k picture. I skipped this generation, might do the same again since I plan on getting the 2080ti and the ryzen 9 for my computer, but the system looks pretty neat so far. Also it backwards comparability for ALL previous xbox systems.

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    How can we go a step up from the PS4? There is a ceiling; I'm just curious on how this new game generation will be better. It looks almost the same to me as PS4, honestly.

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