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    If you want to do something nice for a charity for Christmas, and get a bunch of games for yourself and friends, consider buying the Yogcast Bundle from Humble bundle. It is a one-off (no sub) bundle for $30 and 100% goes to charity. You can choose where your money goes with the slider at the bottom of the page. I chose "Stand Up to Cancer" since my family has been touched by this awful disease too many times.

    Here is the link in case you want to check it out. I'm not using a referral link or anything, I just liked what they are doing for this one. New games are revealed each day, but you get all of them regardless of when you pay. Just make sure to reveal any keys for games that have a limited number to ensure you get one. (Bastion currently has 58,000 Steam keys left, but they give a DRM-free version as well anyway for that one, I guess).


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